Revlon Overtime Mascara Review: Long Yes, But Not Exactly Long Lasting

Revlon Overtime Mascara

So, I'm a big fan of makeup that is long lasting. I don't really have time for any touchups in my life, and having to think about my concealer or mascara at mid-day? yeah, I think I'll pass. So, this new "everything lasts 24 hours" trend is one I approve of. When it works.

I really want to be able to recommend this mascara. Look at how it worked to start with! It adds some great length and volume. But by the end of the day (these pics are about 12 hours later) it really has fallen a bit flat. No flakes or smudges, but not as much curl and the volume is way down.

I do have to say that this product is easy to use. The formula doesn't clump, it separated my lashes pretty easily and I really do like how it looks for the first 10 hours or so.

What do you think? Would you call it a failure after 10 hours of greatness?



  1. Love your reviews! Xo
    Socialsexystyle.blogspot com

  2. It looks great, but its a shame it doesn't last. I wouldn't be so disappointed if companies didn't claim products lasted 16 hours or whatever. The name overtime implies it should last well thru the work day.

    Its always disappointing when it doesn't live up to promises.

  3. I think 10 hours is long enough. I like the results. Your lashes look super long.

  4. sounds tempting but i really need something that is long lasting

  5. Not a failure but it doesn't live up to expectations.


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