Summer Skin Protection: Skin Authority Sunscreen Moisturizer Review

Skin Authority Sunscreen Moisturizer Review
It’s summer time, which means that it is time to take your existing sun protection routine (you have one, right??) and amp it up a bit! In previous summers I’ve featured a boat load of sunscreen reviews. Last summer I tested about 40 products and narrowed it down to about 4 or 5 that I actually wrote about, those were the cream of the crop. This summer I’ve decided to do things a bit differently. I’m only testing products that look amazing or are things that I think you (my readers) will be interested in.

So, today I bring you an every day facial moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF 30 protection. You can wear makeup over it and it doesn’t even feel like you have a thick layer of goo on your face!

This moisturizer looks like a typical sunscreen when you squeeze it out of the tube. White, a bit thick… it doesn’t look very promising as you apply. It looks kind of thick and white. But, it actually rubs in pretty easily, and feels hydrating. A little bit of the faint sunscreen smell does stick around, but not enough to notice if it is on your face (I only notice it on my arm, and then I can only smell it if I basically stick my arm in my nose. I can’t smell it on my face.) What is most interesting is that the sunscreen feels incredibly light weight, and rather than leaving behind a tacky residue, my skin feels matte and a tad powdery. I can apply makeup right over this sunscreen without primer. Love that. Throughout the day I don’t have any increase in shine, and nothing melts off a few hours later.

I’ll be leaving this one on my vanity as a go-to product for increasing my sun protection.

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