Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Review: Waterproof ANY Mascara

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Review

A good waterproof mascara is hard to find. Often it doesn’t apply quite like the non-waterproof version, is nearly impossible to remove (anyone else gone to bed with a bit of residual mascara because you’ve just given up on removing it all?) or even worse… it isn’t actually waterproof!

Over at Anastasia they’ve decided to fix this problem. Enter Lash Genius. This is an amazing product, it makes any mascara waterproof!

If you take a look at the brush inset above, you’ll see that Lash Genius is a translucent milky white gel that is a bit “loose” and not sticky. I apply it after my mascara, but while that mascara is still a bit wet. It doesn’t seem to cause clumping or spidery lashes, which is amazing. Instead, it is absolutely, 100% invisible. Let it dry and you’re free to get wet!

Once applied, I decided to test this mascara waterproofer in my most intensive way possible at home, which is in the shower. Yup, I applied mascara, the Lash Genius, and hopped in the shower. (If it was summer and I had a pool I would have gone for a swim. I’m not lucky enough for either to be true.) After the shower my mascara had wilted a little bit, meaning it just looked like I’d had it on for a few hours. I had less curl and volume. But, there was no running, no smudging and no raccoon eyes! I think that’s a success.

I will say that this product is more dependent on the user than the typical waterproof mascara. Because you’re applying this over your regular mascara, you won’t waterproof a spot if you miss it. If you hit a spot with the Lash Genius, it will be waterproof. Just remember that there is more user error with this product than a typical waterproof mascara.

You can enter to win a Lash Genius now from Anastasia! Comment on their FB page post about your favorite tear jerker movie.




  1. May 2, 2012 / 5:27 am

    Waterproof. I need this. It's rainy here and I so want a mascara that would last until the end of the day. Should try one.

  2. Anonymous
    August 23, 2012 / 5:37 pm

    I've been looking for this type of product. Genius. I need a volumizing mascara but none of the so-called "waterproof" ones on the market seem to give real volume. I'm hoping this will let me use my favourite and not end up with raccoon eyes by the end of the day. Thank you!

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