Laura Mercier’s Custom Portfolio: Create Your Own Perfect Travel Kit

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I think I’ve made no secret of my love of palettes and all in one sets. Especially if they work for travel. In the past Bobbi Brown and Trish McEvoy have had sets like this, though I think this is one one with the most customization and with the prettiest outside.

To go with this new portfolio Laura has even created some new limited edition shades to fit into the included 3 and 6 well compacts. Currently, the compacts can be filled with all Eye Colour formulas, Tightline Cake Eye Liner, Caviar Eye Liner and Cheek Colour. There are also new Eye and Cheek Colours, as well as new crème forms, Sheer Crème Colour (for face and cheeks) and Lip Glaze.

Read on to see the new colors and learn more about the portfolio.

Custom Portfolio
Scroll down for more pics, but you can see that inside of this amazing case there is room for everything you need for every day. It’s perfect for travel!

• The outside is a metallic, pewter snakeskin material with a rigid shell.
• Includes four custom designed removable mesh cosmetic bags, a pocketed brush page and refillable 6-well and 3-well Custom Compacts to hold all your favorite Laura Mercier products.
• Designed to carry all Flawless Face and Colour essentials
• 11.5” x 9.5” x 3”

Note that this is Limited Edition, and yes, it is a tad pricy at $98.00 but is well worth it.

Sheer Créme Colours
According to Laura Mercier, this is “a crème face colour that provides a soft veil of colour for a ‘bonne mine’ (healthy glow) effect.” This is an effect that I often create with a light coverage of bronzer or a face powder. I love the glowing effect that can be achieved with a creme, this sounds like a perfect pairing.

Using your fingertips…
• Apply Bronze Veil over areas where the sun natural hits, like cheeks, nose, browbone, forehead and chin.
• Blend Pink Cheek Veil over the apples of your cheeks.
• Blend Pearl Glow Veil over the high points of your face: the cheekbones, center of nose, browbone, cupid’s bow and top of forehead.

$22 each, limited edition.

Lip Glaze
Another new limited edition product, there are actually 3 shades (I don’t have a picture of Plum). This promises sheer color with shine and hydration in a non-sticky formula.

$20 each, limited edition.

Second Skin Cheek Colour
Already available in 14 shades, this spring there will be 5 new additions to the permanent line. These powder blushes contain special pigments and polymers to help keep the blush fine, in place and the skin smooth.

• Sweet Mandarin
• Honey Mocha
• Heather Pink
• Peach Whisper
• Soft Iris

$24, new permanent colors.

Eye Colour
There are already 46 different eye shadows that will work in the compacts (how much more customized can you get??), and this spring there will be 3 new limited editions released.

$22, limited edition.

Laura Mercier


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  1. February 17, 2012 / 1:22 am

    Do you know when the LM custom portfolio will be available for purchase? It looks amazing!

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