Estée Lauder's Sensuous Nude: A Perfect Woodsy Musk for Fall

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The weather is finally turning cooler here in Michigan. I am so excited for fall! This has always been my favorite time of year. For me, fall is crisp cool air, leaves crunching under my feet, football games and I haven't even started on the fashion/beauty of fall. Tall boots, great dresses and blazer, dark nails and lips... and of course a great scent. As soon as the temp drops, I want bergamot, amber and musky scents! Lucky for me, Estée Lauder has created a new addition to their Sensuous lineup just in time for me to obsess over it.

“Sensuous Nude captures this vision of modern sensuality and bares all the warmth and softness of a confident woman at her most open and free” says Karyn Khoury, Senior Vice President of Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide, Estée Lauder. What does that mean? I really am not quite sure. But, this is definitely a sensual fragrance, warm and cozy but with a slightly different take than previous musky scents that I've tried. While I'm still not 100% sure what Karyn Khoury was saying, I definitely agree with her that this is a modern, sensual scent that is also soft.

Top Notes: Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin, Baie Rose, Black Pepper
Middle Notes: Jasmine Petals, Muguet, Coconut Water, Honey, Musk
Base Notes: Translucent Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, Melted Woods Nature Print, Heliotrope, Vanilla

I think that when this scent is first applied, it definitely is a bit spicy and peppery. And then there is some random citrus from the mandarin thrown it. Truthfully, I'm not a big fan of the opening. Mandarin and pepper? It's fine, but not my fave. And really, it is somewhat strong and easily overwhelming. I sprayed it on earlier today as I was still writing this post, and when I entered the kitchen my husband immediately said "Wow, you are wearing a lot of perfume." In actuality, I had a very small spritz on my wrist.

Luckily about 20 minutes later everything calms down a bit and the perfume is much more subtle. It is definitely still there, just not in your face. It suddenly becomes a quiet and warm woodsy scent. The amber comes out as well as the vanilla. There's just a hint of jasmine and I swear there's a little sweetness from the honey, though I don't smell honey. It is warm and enveloping. I want to wear it with some great leggings, my new fall boots and go crunch around on some leaves. It is perfect for work or weekends!

Estée Lauder


  1. I went in the store at lunchtime today and sprayed it on to see if it'll last throughout the remainder of the day. It did. I got compliments on it, but I dont know if I am quite there to make the purchase plunge. I wish that it was sold in a set with lotion. I didn't get the initial reaction you got. It was really subtle for me. Love your blog!

  2. Nice :) the bottle is very chic and lovely! Very helpful review :) thanks for sharing!

  3. I love Sensuous so I'm looking forward to samples of Sensuous Nude. These are my favorite types of fragrances but I would never wish for fall or winter just so I could wear them ;)


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