Concealer Series: Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil, review
Finally, I am reviewing it. A concealer that ranked a 5 on my coverage scale.

Seriously, this stuff could cover anything. I'm adding it to the list of things I recommend to friends when they want to cover a tattoo. If it can cover my undereye capillary (that sucker is dark and likes to be the center of attention), I'm sure it will work on a tattoo. My friend Phyrra thought it was great at covering things up too.

Consistency: It comes in a "stick/pen" as you can see from the pictures, so it is very dry and formed. Because of this it is super pigmented. I haven't had to sharpen one yet, this does make me a tad nervous.
Blendability: Not so much. It is creamy initially but it sets very quickly, so I recommend using it in a small area and blending quickly.
Buildable coverage: No need really, it is very pigmented.
Feeling on skin: Lightweight
Wear: 10-12 hours
Problems with wear: Caking if not blended properly, I suspect this is because of how it is formulated.
Shades Available: It comes in 4 different shades

6/11/2011 Update!
In some random discussion with my cousin Ellery from Mom's Life Made Easy on Facebook today I learned something interesting. Ellery says:
"Loving the Urban Decay concealer, but went to sharpen and half the stick fell out! Contacted the company and they said it would happen if I live in place warmer than Alaska (where they test them)! Told me to just stick it in the fridge first next time! So helpful!"

I admit I was wondering this as well, so I've yet to sharpen mine. I'll definitely be chilling it first!

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil


  1. i wish urban decay is available here in the philippines!

  2. This looks amazing but I guess my only concern is the shade choices. Would you mind sharing what shade you wear and any reference shades in other concealers?


  3. Wow!!! These sound great! I was wondering when I would see one with a 5 rating!!! The only concern I would have is the texture for under eyes. Did you find that you needed a primer underneath for it to apply smoothly to the under eye area?

  4. Christina- I've given up on mentioning the color in each products simply because then I get so many questions about whether it is a good match, or do I want it 1/2 shade different, etc. I'm using CIA in this product, I'm usually either the lightest or 2nd lightest shade in a concealer range if that helps at all. I do have my foundation shades in the "About Me" section at the top of the page.

    Pammy- YES, this definitely needs a good moisturize or primer underneath it or it is too cakey.


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