Concealer Review Series: Cover Girl Simply Ageless Concealer

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I love that this concealer comes swirled with a moisturizer. See that pretty little swirl? It is there to help keep your undereye area from becoming a caky, line settling mess. Love! This concealer also has a companion corrector (learn how to use those in this post about concealers and correctors), which looks and feels almost exactly the same. The corrector is the same color range as the light concealer, but with a light peach tint.

Consistency: Cake, though it feels more smooth than most cake concealers
Blendability: I found it easy to blend at first, though it sets quickly and becomes difficult to blend. I recommend working in sections of an area, the entire undereye area was too much.
Buildable coverage: 2 layers are fine, more doesn’t play well together.
Feeling on skin: Medium feeling
Wear: ~10 hours
Problems with wear: Caking and Settles into fine lines after the 10 hours are up. I’m not sure why, but when I use this concealer it’s like Cinderella. At an appointed time, suddenly things are not what they were just a short time before.
Shades Available: 4 shades

Cover Girl Simply Ageless Concealer


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  1. May 3, 2011 / 1:45 am

    I like the concept, but I feel that as a person with oily skin around my eyes, the extra moisturizer will have the coverage migrating quickly.

    Thanks for the review, best I've seen for this product. :]

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