Bond No. 9’s Andy Warhol Union Square

This week, the fragrance gods have worked to help me out. Somehow knowing that I haven’t been able to smell anything for about five days, and that it would basically be impossible to review a Bond scent and do it justice under such circumstances, they had Bond announce a new Andy Warhol fragrance!

I really loved Andy Warhol Silver Factory (it definitely ranks in my top 5 fragrances), so I’m especially excited to see what Bond has created for us this time!

Union Square was the location of the Warhol’s Factory until 1984, and it was there that he created these pop flowers. This scent will be unisex, and is a green floral. Just take a peek at the notes:

Top Notes: Lily of the Valley, Green Stem
Middle Notes: Sweet Blue Freesia, White Birchwood
Base Notes: Amber, Silver-Cloud Musk Accord

I definitely am a bit of a Lily of the Valley sucker, I tend to like anything with an amber base note, but what is this Sweet Blue Freesia? I’m very excited to smell that note in particular!

Check out those bottles! I’ve only shown six of them here, but there will be ten (10!!) all together, each with different colors. What interests me even more is the limited edition bottle to be released in April, 100 ml of the fragrance along with a limited-edition Robert Lee Morris Warhol-inspired Flowers necklace in sterling silver. (I haven’t seen a picture of the necklace yet, but my 5 year wedding anniversary is in May. This may be on my list of potential presents!)

Union Square will be available March 15 at Bond Boutiques, Bond No. and Saks Fifth Avenue.


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