MAC Mascara X

Check it out, another great mascara from MAC, the company that lately can do no wrong!

Mascara X is another fantastic mascara that creates long, lush lashes, holds curl all day long and seems to be completely resistant to flaking and smudging.

These results speak for themselves!

I put this mascara to the ultimate test, I wore it during my 30 hour call shift at work on Thursday night (I know. . . you all are really wishing you were me right now). I was up all night long and most of the day on Friday, and literally I looked as if I had just applied it when I got home on Friday afternoon. Even the best of mascaras usually lose at least a bit of their curl or manage to have some smudging. Not this one!

How does it compare to MAC’s Plush Lash, a holy grail mascara? It’s very similar actually. The only difference is that I have a tad less volume with the X, but I have only ever had the super long wear with X (Plush Lash had a very small amount of smudging when I put it to the 30 hour test).

I guess I know what mascara I’ll be wearing every call day for now on…. If only I could find a concealer that lasted that long!



  1. January 9, 2008 / 1:22 am

    Was that brush easy to handle? I’m just not partial to those big brushes. Miht have to give this one a try.

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