Bond No. 9’s So New York

Ok, admit it, like me you are likely a chocolate lover. So, why not try a calorie-free version and wear it in your perfume? Really!

Honestly, I did not pick out the chocolate note in this fragrance until I found out that it was there. It’s definitely not prominent, but it’s definitely there! In the bottle I smell mostly patchouli, with hints of amber and bergamot and what I think is lillies of the valley (the notes listed below are the only ones I could find listed). As time goes on it deepens, the chocolate comes out slightly and I can smell more of the amber and less patchouli. I think that this is a warm, slightly woodsy scent that I could definitely wear every day!

Notes of Mirabelle, Espresso Accord, Cocoa Powder

Bond No. 9


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