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The Beauty Spotlight Team Beauty Reads

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Get the Look for Less: The Soft Half Up Curls I'm Obsessing Over

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Get the Look for Less: The Soft Half Up Curls I'm Obsessing Over

Now that the summer is drawing to a close, I've been craving more structure and plan for my beauty routine. I think it might be the result of a carefree summer, full of time in the pool with my girls. While I love swimming in them (and I really do swim, I'm not the mom doggy paddling with my head above water), the time in the pool means that I haven't spent much time doing real "styling" of my hair. If I'm going to be wet in a few hours, why spend an hour curling my hair?

So, less time in the pool now means I'm breaking out my curling iron and styling products! The style that I've found myself craving the most is this one. It's pretty simple, but the look is a bit softer than I've done my curls in the past. I've also been pulling back my bangs area, so it's more of a half up style.

Half Up Soft Curls Hair Tutorial with Suave

This look is great for the transition to fall's cooler temps, and it is really versatile! I had it while running errands and working from home, but it's also great for work or going out.

Here's what I used to get the look:
• Suave Sea Mineral Infusion Shampoo
• Suave Sea Mineral Infusion Conditioner
• Suave Luxe Blow Dry Spray
• Suave Luxe Volume Mousse
• Suave Luxe Volume Hair Spray

Half Up Soft Curls Hair Tutorial with Suave

I started with freshly washed hair. I love the Sea Mineral Infusion products because while they are hydrating, they're also really volumizing! My hair is really pretty silky at baseline, which makes it harder to hold a style. This shampoo and conditioner duo seems to add just a very small amount of texture (less than a sea salt spray), without weighing down my hair at all. It's just shiny, full of volume and easier to style.

Half Up Soft Curls Hair Tutorial with Suave

Because I want volume and hold for this look, I prep my damp hair with these products before I dry it. The Blow Dry Spray helps to protect my hair from heat damage, prevents frizz and adds some volume. The Volume Mousse is great for hold and keeping volume in my hair throughout the day.

Half Up Soft Curls Hair Tutorial with Suave

You can see that I actually use a pretty decent amount of mousse in my hair. I have long hair, and enough for about 4 people on my head. So, I distribute this amount through my hair, from the roots to the ends. It doesn't feel sticky at all, but it does add a lot of hold and helps keep my hair from weighing itself down, it tends to go flat as the day goes on.

Half Up Soft Curls Hair Tutorial with Suave

Once I've prepped my hair with product, it's time to blow dry. I roughly blow dry my hair most of the way with just my fingers, with my head upside down (hence, no picture of this). When my hair is about 90% dry, I flip back over and I smooth it out in sections, using a big round brush.

Half Up Soft Curls Hair Tutorial with Suave

Once my hair is dry, I pull the top parts up and secure it using 4 bobby pins. I've found that my hair pulls back (and looks smoother) if I do this before I dry it. I curl the pulled back hair when it is already back. It doesn't need to be perfect, since I brush it out a bit later it will blend in.

When pulling back my hair, I use pretty heavy duty bobby pins. The wavy side goes down, and you should overlap the pins so they lock together.

Half Up Soft Curls Hair Tutorial with Suave

I use a 1.25" curling iron to curl sections of hair. When I pull each one out of the curling iron, I hold the curl up a bit and sometimes twist it a bit with my fingers until it cools down a little bit. I've found that this helps the curl hold more.

Half Up Soft Curls Hair Tutorial with Suave
Half Up Soft Curls Hair Tutorial with Suave

I finish up with the Volume Hair Spray, which is a touchable, flexible hold. I spray all over, and then use a paddle brush to brush out the curls a bit. This helps that area I pulled back blend into the rest of my hair, and it softens the curls quite a bit.

Half Up Soft Curls Hair Tutorial with Suave

And here's the finished look again! I know I'll be wearing it a lot over the next few weeks!

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Teen Makeup Series: Eye Makeup

Product Sent for Review, I Bought It, Affiliate Links

Teen Makeup Series: Eye Makeup

I've been working at my "real" job quite a bit lately (and then was busy with guests and such), so the teen makeup series took a back seat for a bit. Today we're getting started again, you can check out previous posts in the Teen Makeup series.

Once I've applied my face moisturizer/BB Cream, I move on to my eyes. I'll share what I do for a very basic eye look, but you should know that you can do as little or as much as you want. My personal preference for myself is some shadow, eyeliner and mascara (here's my basic everyday eye look, which is more than I ever wore as a teen).

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Allison's Favorites from Too Faced

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Allison's Favorites from Too Faced

This week, Allison from Never Say Die Beauty shares her favorites from one of her all-time favorite brands, Too Faced! Hope over to her blog Five Faves from Too Faced and find out why she thinks they rock.

Some of My New Favorite Makeup Brushes: Maskcara Beauty Makeup Brush Review

I Bought It, Product Sent for Review

Maskcara Makeup Brush Review

I have a thing for makeup brushes. I have a ton of them, but I'm pretty picky about which ones I'll use. My preferences:
- Soft bristles that don't grab too much product
- Nicely weighted handle
- I don't care about synthetic or natural bristles
- I'm not a snob when it comes to brushes. Many of my favorites are just a few dollars. The shape, bristles, etc. All of that is much more important to me than brand.
- I prefer single headed brushes, because I store my brushes in cups on top of my vanity area. They stand up.

Well, I'm in love with the Maskcara makeup brushes, and I'm ignoring the fact that they are double ended. I was sent one brush for review by Maskcara a few months ago, and I liked it so much that I went back and bought 4 more brushes (including a duplicate of the brush I was sent). I now have all of their brushes except for the B Squared Brush, and I am kind of regretting not buying it now.

Read on to take a closer look at the brushes