A Korean Skincare Upgrade: Erborian BB and Glow Creams

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Erborian BB Cream and Glow Cream Review

Have you heard the buzz about Erborian's BB and CC Creams yet? It seems like I hear about them every time I turn around, and I have to say that after trying out the brand, I can understand why. Erborian has replaced all of my other BB Creams (previously I've cycled between It Cosmetics, YSL and Dior), as it is just the right amount of coverage and a great match for my skin. I've tried it out in both the tube and cushion compact forms (both are great, but they're not identical), and I've also fallen for their Glow Creme.

Read on to learn more about each of the products!

Erborian Clair BB Cream and Glow Creme swatch

Note that all of these products come in only a few shades, all of my products are in the lightest shade, Clair. Yes, there really is a difference between the BB Crème and BB Crème Cushion Compact in their shade, I was surprised by how different they looked. Note that despite this, they both work well on my skin. I think this is because they're more of a light to medium coverage, and enough of my own skin shows through that they are still a decent match and don't need to be quite so exact.

Erborian BB Cream and Glow Cream Review

Erborian BB Crème
This is their original BB Cream, and it's my current favorite. It has a light level of moisturization, which is just perfect for my combination skin in the warmer weather. The light to medium coverage is a little bit buildable, but really it's just the right amount of coverage to cover up imperfections, but you can't really tell that it is anything but great looking skin. I also don't need to blend it at all!

Also included in the formulation are a sunscreen (SPF 20, it does provide full spectrum coverage as seen below), licorice root to help hyperpigmentation, vitamin E (an antioxidant), and magnesium (there's a great recap of magnesium in skin care on Omorovicza's website).

I've been reaching for this BB Cream nonstop lately, I've almost gone through an entire tube! It's already in my Sephora cart for a repurchase.


Erborian BB Cream and Glow Cream Review

Liquid BB Crème Au Ginseng Cushion Compact

I'm a big fan of cushion compact foundations (my favorite is Lancome, but the Maybelline is a near dupe), and also BB Creams. Put the 2 together? Yes, let's try it!

So yes, this really is just like the other BB Cream, but a little thinner. I apply it with the included puff for light coverage, but I can swap to a foundation brush if I want a heavier application. I apply it just like I would a cushion compact foundation, but the added hydration does make a difference over a foundation.

It did take a while before I figured out why I would want a BB cream that it in both a tube and a cushion compact, and I think the answer is portability and reapplication. With the cushion compact's sponge applicator, it's easy to reapply if I need it, but without disrupting all of my makeup or getting my hands dirty. Just a little pat on the troubled spot, and my skin looks great again!

Erborian BB Cream and Glow Cream Review
Erborian BB Cream and Glow Cream Review

Glow Crème Illuminating Face Cream

So yes, this is yet another strobing, glowy, shimmery highlighting cream. I'm a sucker for these, and I have tried a lot of them. Often I don't even mention them on the blog, instead the products are just quietly given away to friends. Not this one!

I admit that I'm adding just a pea sized amount of this glow creme to the BB cream, to my foundation, sometimes I'm just putting a little of this into some regular moisturizer and wearing it alone. And no, it doesn't look like I'm covered in glitter. Somehow it makes me look glowy and lit from within.

Erborian BB Cream and Glow Cream Ingredients

You can buy Erborian BB Crème, Liquid BB Crème Au Ginseng Cushion Compact and Glow Crème Illuminating Face Cream all at Sephora!

Product Sent for Review, I Bought It, Affiliate Links
I've already repurchased the original BB Cream, the Glow Créme is on my shopping list!


  1. Ooe these looks really interesting especially that cushion compact

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Hmm I have a few skincare products from this line but had overlooked these...more for my Sephora Loves list!


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