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Things I’m Loving in 2017

Beauty Blogger Favorites 2017

I’ve been a bit lax in posting here on the blog recently. I always seem to slow down in posting over the holidays, as I’m usually busy with my family, working, etc. I’ve also been writing a lot of posts over on eBay, watch for a post today or tomorrow sharing some of my more recent posts! You should be able to easy click over to read that content. I’ve also been working on a new website for my designs, you can check out the work in progress site here: Shop 15 Minutes!

In the meantime, I’ve been trying out a lot of new products that I haven’t mentioned at all on the blog! Here’s a quick round up, but don’t be surprised to see many of these items show up again either in their own posts or mentioned elsewhere.


I shared this on Instagram and will need to share a full post about it soon, but I actually permed my hair this fall! Yes, full on 1980s style. Since my hair is super healthy with a thick cuticle, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep curl all day, despite high heat and a lot of product. So, to rough up the cuticle a bit, I got a perm with the largest curlers my stylist thought would work.

It turns out that my hair is a bit wavy now when wet, but that’s about it. Even if I try to style it curly, it doesn’t really turn out curly at all, but I do need to make a little more effort to actually straighten it. The curls I put in now last easily all day, and usually as long as 2-3 days depending on how much hair spray I use (I’ll create a post showing how I’m currently curling my hair).

In the meantime, I did buy a few news tools to help with my new increased straightening and then curling needs! All three are really speeding things up and I do like them.

1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler (at Amazon or ULTA): This is a paddle brush that blows hot hair. I’ve tried similar brushes before, but they were all rounded brush styles. Those brushes just got tangled in my long hair. This brush really does help speed up drying my hair, but it would not be able to replace an actual blow dryer for me. I’ve been blow drying my hair with the regular dryer at my roots, then I use this one just brushing through my hair on the lengths. If I’m really in a hurry, I’ll actually use this one to brush and then still use the regular dryer also, so I’m using 2 dryers at the same time! Overall, it has speed things up over using the regular dryer alone, and my hair is smoother and straighter after using this dyer.

2. InStyler Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush (at ULTA or Amazon): There are a bunch of these brushes out on the market, I just happened to buy this one from ULTA. It heats up to a high temperature and straightens your hair as you (slowly, and while holding it under some tension) brush it. I do think that it helps if my hair is a bit wonky in places after drying it, but it won’t replace a flat iron. I do like that it straightens my hair some without removing volume.

3. Kiss Instawave (at Amazon or ULTA): This curling iron pulls hair in to wrap it around the iron, but results in a different curl pattern than other curling irons. I’ve found that it’s pretty easy to use and does result in long lasting curls, though the “low” heat isn’t enough to work on my hair and the “high” setting is definitely damaging my hair despite many heat protectant sprays! If you’re not great at curling your hair it is worth a try. Be sure to check out a few locations for the cheapest price, when I bought it on Amazon the price was almost $30 elsewhere!


4. Rodan + Fields Enhancements Lash Boost (at R+F): I’ve been using Revitalash for years, and have refused to try anything else. I talk about Revitalash to everyone, I don’t even know how many of my friends have tried it out because of the amazing results that I’ve had!

Recently, I’ve been feeling like maybe I should try another lash serum. I’d been seeing other people’s results, and mine were good but I didn’t feel like they were amazing any more. I’m not sure if my lashes were just used to the product or if it wasn’t as effective (I stock up yearly at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in the summer, maybe my tubes were no longer effective because they were “old”?) So, when R+F’s PR sent me a tube I decided to swap out to the new Lash Boost instead of my next tube of Revitalash. And since I couldn’t find info really on how long a tube should last (it turns out 2-3 months with nightly use), I purchased a second tube to be sure I could complete my trial.

I wish I had taken good “before” pictures to show you, but swapping out to the Lash Boost has really had an amazing effect on my lashes! They are definitely longer and fuller than they were with the Revitalash. It took about 4 weeks to see a difference, and I know I’ll keep using this instead of the Revitalash. If you don’t have a friend who sells R+F I can share the name of my girl, she does amazing things like go into your order to add lip balm, which qualifies you for free shipping and actually brings the cost of your order down, making the lip balm free! I love that!


I’ve bought some new makeup items that I need to share, such as a few eye shadow palettes, blushes and lippies. But I’ve been really changing up and trying new things with my foundation and concealer. What I’m currently loving:

5. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick (at Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom or Sephora): Obviously this isn’t new, it’s been out for forever, but I’ve never used it before. I just draw it randomly all over my face and then buff it around with a brush, then done! I love that it has full coverage and only takes a few seconds. I recently took it on a trip and it was super easy to travel with! I do wish there was a more hydrating version, or one with slightly less coverage. But I’ll be repurchasing this one for sure.

6. Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Creme (at Sephora) and Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush (at Sephora): I had heard that this was a great alternative to Tarte’s smash hit Shape Tape, which is basically forever sold out and hard to get. I did manage to get Shape Tape, but I bought the Kat Von D as well. I prefer the Kat Von D for sure. It’s a medium to full pigmentation concealer, it comes in a large number of shades (more than Shape Tape), and it blends easily. I’ve been using the brush with it as well, which has taken a bit of getting used to as I don’t usually use brushes for concealer, but the brush does really help under my eyes and around my nose. This is worth checking out for sure!

7. MAC Lipstick in Brave (at Nordstrom, MAC): This is a darker pink-nude shade, and it works for almost everyone. I’ve found myself using it a lot lately, I swear it will work for you too!

Didn’t Live Up to the Hype

Silicone Blender: Did you hear about the new silicone pad blenders, billed as the next beautyblender sponge basically? I managed to order one (actually, I bought 2, because I was so excited to find some in stock). In theory you put the makeup on to the silicone, and apply just like a beautyblender, and it blends more flawlessly and your makeup looks perfect. I’ve only been able to get it to smear my makeup around, whether I’m using it for application or blending. I’m far from impressed. Pass on this one if you find it in stock.

Tarte Shape Tape: This concealer is available only from Tarte and ULTA, and it’s forever sold out everywhere. They came out with some new shades on their website, but they sold out pretty quickly too. I did manage to get a hold of the color that is the best match for me, and after using it for a few days it has been relegated to the drawer of my vanity. I don’t think it blends as easy as the Kat Von D, Kat is a better color match for me, and the Shape Tape did settle some into fine lines around my eyes. Overall, it’s ok, but I really prefer the much easier to find in stock Kat Von D.

I Bought It, Product Sent for Review, Affiliate Links
The only product sent from PR for review that is mentioned here is the R+F Lash Boost, which I’ve already repurchased. Everything else I bought with my own money.

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