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Super Easy Flat Iron Curls with GHD

how to get easy flat iron curls

We all want the perfect curls, right? Long, beautiful cascading curls. Or maybe perfect beachy waves… I have to admit that my ideal is more of a curl and less of a wave, but with smooth and shiny hair, and I want it to last for days. Really, it’s a flat iron curl, but those are really hard to get. Aren’t they?

Not so much. I have a new flat iron and it is making it so easy to get the perfect easy flat iron curls, and they last forever! The picture above was snapped by a friend, after I had trekked through wind and snow to get to the restaurant for lunch. My flat iron curls still looked great, and they lasted a few more days after this!

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So, the secret is the ghd Platinum Flat Iron. I have the Nocturne Limited Edition.

I have to admit that I was attracted to this flat iron because it is billed as safer for your hair. My hair is still pretty fragile from my highlight bleaching and body perm (not a combination I suggest to anyone), and despite all of my deep conditioning and hair treatments I still get a lot of breakage.

The Platinum has only 1 heat setting (at 365, which seems super low to me, I usually set my heat styling tools at 410), and to help maintain a constant temperature it uses 3 heat zones instead of the traditional 2. The lower heat temperature is definitely better for my hair, and ghd reports 50% less breakage vs more traditional higher heat stylers. I was sold when I heard that!

The flat iron has curved sides, but the secret to the easy flat iron curls is actually the outside. The outer barrel is curved, so when you twist the flat iron it creates the perfect curl!

The flat iron just has 1 on/off button, it heats up in 20 seconds and it chimes when it is ready for use. There’s a 9 foot cord (which swivels), and it has universal voltage for travel. It even shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of no use. Mine came with a nice carrying case and a silicone plate guard.

easy step by step directions for flat iron curls

To get easy flat iron curls for yourself, you simply need to twist the barrel as you run the flat iron through your hair. You can see me starting the twist above. For more of a wave you should twist only 90 degrees, for a curl I twist a full 180 degrees. You can see at the end of the twist the ends of my hair are pointing up.

I learned how to do this with the ghd Hairstyles page, where they have a ton of easy to follow step by step directions. I follow the directions for Pinned Back Glamour, but add a little more twist and end up with the curls you see at the beginning of this post.

Have you tried flat iron curls lately? This flat iron makes them so easy that I’m curling my hair a few times a week.

You can find the ghd Platinum Flat Iron here
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  1. May 23, 2018 / 8:12 pm

    Those curls are perfect. Gonna have to try it with a flat iron tomorrow!

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