Repechage One Minute Clarifying Mask Review: Suck Stuff Out of Your Pores Super Fast!

Repechage One Minute Clarifying Mask Review

Obviously I’m a girl without much time. I want things to work and work fast. But a mud mask that works in a minute?? That seems a bit too much to ask.

But, here I am today, reviewing a 1 minute mud mask. And yes, it really does work. This stuff does a great job of minimizing pores, sucking up excess oil and just in general tightening everything up. It has a minty/herbal scent and has that classic grainy/muddy consistency. I apply a light layer all over, let it hang out for a minute or two (I love to use this while running around the bathroom doing things just before hopping in the shower) and then wash it off. It is a little bit like a scrub when being removed since it is still a bit grainy, so I like to rub it around a tad. Note, the mask doesn’t dry at all.

Once the treatment is over you’ll see that it actually did work in that tiny amount of time. Perfect for a girl on the run like me!



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