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Essential Mascara Tools

Mascara Tools

In order to be truly serious about having massively thick and long eyelashes, you need the right tools. Namely, you have to have an eyelash curler, and a metal comb.

Eyelash Curler

Every girl has to have an eyelash curler. Truly, if you don’t have one, you are doing yourself a disservice! Using an eyelash curler before applying your mascara will dramatically alter how your lashes look once the mascara is on. The eye will look much larger and more open with curled lashes.

While perhaps the “best known” of the eyelash curlers is the curler by Shu Uemura, which is difficult to find. There are many other lash curlers out there at different price points such as the Tweezerman, Revlon and Shiseido. My personal favorite is from Surratt Beauty (1.), which I think even out performs the Shu Uemura (read my full Surratt Beauty Lash Curler Review to find out why).

How to Use the Eyelash Curler

I’m very particular about how I use my lash curler. I prefer to crimp my lashes in at least 2-3 places: at the base of the lash, halfway up the shaft of the lash and sometimes at the very tip of the lash if I’m feeling sassy!

Use the curler only on clean lashes. Using it on lashes with mascara already applied will just clump your mascara and break your lashes. I crimp for about 5-10 seconds before gently releasing and moving on to the next location.

How to Curl Difficult to Curl Eye Lashes

I used to have no problems creating a curl that lasted all day. Then I started using lash serum, and my lashes were so straight! I had a very hard time getting a curl that lasted for more than a few hours.

I have a few tips to help hard to curl eyelashes. First, make sure you’re using a good lash curler. It makes a big difference, and pretty much only the Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler (1.) works for me. There’s something different about the rubber pads on it that create the curl.

You can also use heat to help you create a curl. You can hit the curler with a blow dryer for just a few seconds will warm it up. Don’t let it get hot, the last thing you want to do is accidentally burn your eyelid! When using a warm curler you only need to crimp for a few seconds.

An alternative to warming up your eyelash curler is to buy a heated curler instead. I have the Blinc Heated Lash Curler (2.) and I’d say it works “ok.” It is powered by a single battery, and when turned on the little comb does heat up. You are meant to put your lashes in it an hold the curler up so your lashes are in the position you’d like them. You slowly move the curler up your lashes. I’ve found that it works better if I do this and then follow it up with a traditional lash curler.

Metal Lash Comb

Really, the metal comb is essential (and it’s the thing that Tammy Faye was most definitely missing), and very few gals own one! I’m currently using the Sephora Lift Off Lash Comb (3.) which folds up, so I have a second one in my travel makeup case.

How exactly do you use this thing? I simply use it to comb out my lashes if they get clumpy from applying mascara. That’s it. I will selectively comb those areas, spreading out the clumps results in much thicker looking lashes. Once I’m done I do wash the comb each day (I use a nail brush and let it dry on the counter, without cleaning the comb gets very junky very fast).

Lash Serum

The thing that has made the biggest difference in my lashes is a good Lash Serum. I have a full post on what to look for and more information about them coming up soon, but in the meantime you should know that you need to look for a prostaglandin analogue (which makes them not pregnancy safe, more info on what to avoid during pregnancy here).

Lash serums will work differently on different people, the one that works so well for your cousin might be a dud for you. The higher quality serums have more active ingredient so the results are a bit more reliable. I’ve had the best results with Rodan and Fields Lash Boost (4.), but Revitalash has also worked well for me in the past.

Mascara Tip Guide
Read more about mascara, mascara primers and lashes in my Mascara and Lashes Guide

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