Frequently Asked Questions

I’m just going to start collecting the questions that I’m asked most often and put them here. Hopefully someone finds this helpful!

How do I contact you?

• If you’re a reader with a question, feel free to just email me at cemikese at
• If you’re a PR rep, please read the contact page and also check out my product review guidelines.
• Guest posts are only ones that I have solicited myself.
• More information on advertising can be found here.

Are you really a doctor? I mean, a doctor wouldn’t have a beauty blog, would they? What kind of doctor are you? How did you train to do that?

Yes, I really am a doctor. I work in the pediatric intensive care unit, to get that job I had to complete college (4 years), medical school (4 years), general pediatrics training (3 years) and then a fellowship to subspecialize in critical care (3 more years). That’s too many years to count!

My patients are anyone up to roughly the age of 18 that needs to be in an ICU. I don’t take care of babies that were born too early, they go to the Neonatal ICU. But, if you have ever been at home up to the age of 18, I’m your doctor. I can have 3 day olds with pneumonia and 16 year olds that were in car accidents in my ICU at the same time. I do not have an office and see “regular” patients. I only work in the ICU.

While I was in fellowship (at a major trauma center serving Long Beach and parts of South Central LA), I was having some work-life balance issues. It was just really depressing sometimes heading in to work to deal with kids that were that sick. One thing led to another and I have now had this blog (the fluffy thing in my life) since 2007. When I started I was the only beauty blogging doctor, there are a few that have come and gone since then. I know a few MDs that are fashion bloggers. We’re allowed to be interested in these things too!

How did you get your blog to be so popular? Can you look at my blog and tell me exactly what to do? I’ll follow you if you follow me…. etc.

I’m not entirely certain that my blog really is all that popular, but I’m well known mostly because I’ve been around so long. It is really hard for me to find the time to give everyone very exact blogging advice. If I did that, I really would have time for nothing else since I’m asked about 3x a day. The best places to start are to read my blogging tips, photo series for beauty bloggers and make sure you know the basic HTML every blogger should know. If you have more questions after that, please send me an email. In the blogging world it is considered very rude and tacky to ask for advice or a follow back in a post comment. I delete those immediately. Oh, and asking someone for PR contacts is like asking their bra size. So you better know someone really well if you plan to do that!