The Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Christele de La Haye

Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Christele de La Haye

I think sunscreen is very important and I personally wear SPF 40 regardless of the season. I especially like wearing the 1. TIZO3 Facial Mineral Fusion sunscreen from Fallene as it does not feel oily and helps protect against sun damage which ultimately prevents wrinkles. Tinted moisturizer is another staple item that I wear since it moisturizes my skin while also serving as a foundation.

I can’t travel without 2. Lotus Moon’s D2O Hydra Mist as I like to use the spray to hydrate and refresh my skin especially when I am flying since my skin gets very dry.

The 3. Rich Carrot Mask from ilike Organic Skin Care is another essential item that I travel with. After I land, I always apply it as it rejuvenates my face and eye area, and balances my skin that is damaged by the dryness of the plane causing water deficiency.

With the season changing and people getting tan, I incorporate bronzer more often into my routine. I tend to wear a darker bronzer over the summer and I love the sleek, 4. Refillable bronzer & compact from Jane Iredale.

Christele de La Haye is the CEO of the BeWell Expo, a new convention aimed at consumers to help highlight the spa industry. BeWell Expo is an active environment created to directly engage consumers with the beauty and wellness experts, offering clear and simple answers. The goal is to educate the beauty savvy men and women who are seeking out the latest trends and industry secrets to incorporate into their daily beauty and wellness regimens. The expo is sponsored by NewBeauty magazine and SpaFinder! With those sponsors you know that it is going to be amazing! The expo is premiering this coming September 29-30, 2012 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


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