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Gloss and Cuticle Oil in One: Dr. Dana Lips & Tips

Dr. Dana Lips & Tips Swatch Picture

I know I’m not the only one out there that sadly neglects their cuticles. I have the best intentions, I slather lotion all over my hands and pay extra attention to my cuticles, but that doesn’t seem to be quite enough. If I’m washing my hands a lot (like at work), or I am in a dry environment such as an airplane, I really need more moisture for my cuticles. Otherwise they become dry and will suddenly just sprout little tags of dry skin. I swear I can get off of a plane and my perfect cuticles will suddenly look like I’ve ignored them for weeks!

Dr. Dana just released this double ended wand, a super hydrating lipgloss and a cuticle gel-oil hybrid. The idea is that you’re already bringing you lipgloss with you, having a cuticle product readily available means you’re more likely to use it!

Dr. Dana Lips & Tips Cuticle Oil
Lips & Tips comes in 2 different colors, pink and nude kava. In this picture of the felted doe tip applicator they don’t look very similar, but in the swatch and pictures below where I’m wearing the gloss, you can see they are closer than they look in the above picture. The main difference is that the pink is more opaque.

Dr. Dana Lips & Tips
Dr. Dana Lips & Tips Swatch Picture
I think this is perhaps the most hydrating lip gloss that I have ever used. The formulation is full of hyaluronic acid, which holds a lot of moisture right at the surface without feeling heavy or greasy. The lipgloss is not at all sticky, and I found that it lasts a good 2-3 hours easily.

As for the cuticle oil, I was surprised how much I really do use it! Having it on my lipgloss means that every time I’m reapplying gloss, I think “oh, cuticles. I should do that.” And so I do! I even applied it last week while in line for the Haunted Mansion at Disney World. Multiple times at Disney World. That is definitely not something I would have done otherwise!

The Oil is really not a normal oil, instead it is in a gel form. Even in 95 degrees and 90% humidity at Disney, it did not melt and leak, which is something I worried about. Instead it stays put where you apply it, and sinks quickly and easily into your skin when you rub it in. The oil does a great job of hydrating without feeling gross, and it has a light citrus scent that doesn’t overwhelm you.

The only bad thing is that there are currently only 2 shades of Lips & Tips. If there were more, I would be ordering them right now. I know I’ll be carrying this around with me all summer long!

Dr. Dana Lips & Tips

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