Anastasia Want You To Want Me Set: The Shadow Set You Need.

Anastasia Want You To Want Me SetSo, I’ve been holding off a little bit on reviewing Anastasia’s Want You To Want Me Set, simply because this is actually a holiday item. Yes, really. I haven’t purchased my Halloween candy yet, but here I am reviewing a holiday beauty item. And it really is pretty great.

This set comes in a great velvet box, which has a very nice magnetic closure. It’s almost a shame, because really the box isn’t something that you’d keep. You want that palette out to use and the brow gel and liquid liner. So, nice, but kind of useless.

Here’s the real reason to buy this set. The super wearable shades of eye shadow. I can hear you oohing and ahhing right now. It’s ok. It’s what I did when I first saw these shades.

And now for a lot of pictures of the shades. (This is indirect sunlight, by the way.)

And a little closer to see the shimmer.

I haven’t really tried out the black liner yet, but that brow gel is a staple of mine. It holds brows in place without flaking, making your brows strangely too shiny, etc. This is a large travel size, which I’ve just stashed into my travel items for future use.

And now you know why you’ll see this palette quite a bit in upcoming looks.



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  1. October 16, 2012 / 10:46 pm

    Ooh, these eyeshadows look so pretty! Definitely wearable. I love "iron on" šŸ™‚

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