Perfect Loose Curls: T3 Twirl 360 Curling Iron Review

Product Sent for Review

T3 Twirl 360 Curling Iron

So, if you follow me over on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve posted a few really, really good hair days recently (here and here), and the pictures didn’t do my hair justice. In person, my hair was on point. Seriously. Amazing. People stopped me to tell me my hair was amazing. That’s pretty amazing.

The thing that made my hair so amazing both of those days was the new T3 Twirl 360 Curling Iron. I’ve used twirling curling irons before (most notably the Sarah Potempa BeachWaver), and while I’ve loved the results enough that I overused it to the point of frying my hair (tip: never go without at least 2 heat protecting hair products. You’re welcome.)

So, now that I know to never skip my heat protectant, since getting the T3 Twirl 360, I can’t seem to stop using it. It’s very easy to use, just plug it in and hold down the power button. There is variable heat control, you can tell the temperature by looking at the lights on the curling iron.

What’s really unique about this curling iron is how it twirls. When you have your hair on the iron, you hit the button and slightly twist your wrist in the direction that you want the curling iron to twirl in. It stops twirling as soon as you release the button.

Here’s a look at what this curling iron does to my hair.

T3 Twirl 360 Curling Iron
First Use

T3 Twirl 360 Curling Iron
Still not sure why the camera made my hair so crazy light, but you can see the curls pretty well here!

Yes. I know. So. Pretty.

That’s why I’m using it all the time. And yes, stocking up on more heat protectants.

For those of you that are wondering, what are the differences between the T3 and my BeachWaver?

1.) The T3 is a 1 1/4″ barrel, instead of the 1″ from the BeachWaver. The look is a bit looser, but definitely still curled. The tighter curls of the BeachWaver are great if I’m trying to get my hair to stay for a few days, but even that needs a bit of touch up. The T3 look works for 2 days, and I do a few fresh curls on the top layers of my hair to freshen it up, but I don’t recurl all of it.

2.) The BeachWaver works by selecting the direction that you want the curling iron to twirl and hitting a button. The T3 has you hit a button and twist your wrist in the direction you want the curling iron to rotate. I think the learning curve is harder for the BeachWaver, it seemed to take me a while to figure out what direction I was going in if I put my hair in the curling iron a certain way. Just moving my wrist a bit is definitely easier!

2.) The BeachWaver is longer than a regular curling iron, and I love that feature. The T3 is a normal length. T3, I beg you to make this curling iron longer, that would make it perfect.

So, I have both now. And really, I will continue to use both (see #1 above). But I’m currently keeping the T3 out on my vanity because I’m using it every day. It is definitely worth it!

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T3 Twirl 360 Curling Iron

Product Sent for Review

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