Somme Institute A-Bomb Review

Somme Institute A-Bomb Review
When I first started using Somme Institute, I was a bit confused by A-Bomb. Is it the night cream? (Kind of) Is it just super hydrating? (Yes) But it still has the MDT5? (Yes again)

A-Bomb is a super hydrating cream. It has a light ivory color and it does have a smell that I can’t really describe. It’s a bit… overly sweet and almost like you’ve left out yogurt for too long? I’m not a fan of the smell, but it isn’t very strong and it disappears a few minutes after application. (Thank goodness!)

A-Bomb is another product that I dropped from my morning routine. I found that it is just too hydrating for my combination skin to use every morning, at least when the weather is a bit warm. It’s fine for night time use, and the extra hydration makes my skin extra glowy (not shiny) the next morning.

Note that the presence of vitamin A in the MDT5 technology means that this entire line should be avoided in pregnancy.

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