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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ULTA's 21 Days: Day #10 Deals

Product Sent for Review

Napoleon Perdis Lipsticks and Luminous Lip Veils
Today the Napoleon Perdis lippies (the Devine Goddess Lipsticks and Luminous Lip Veils) are 50%. This is a great deal! Their lipsticks are hydrating and well pigmented (I tried out Napoleon Perdis Lipstick in Xenia previously), the Lip Veil isn't stick. I do wish it wasn't quite so translucent, it would be an amazing pale nude lippie with more pigmentation. It's pretty translucent on my lips, offering just a pretty hint of color.

Product Sent for Review

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Favorite Shades of Makeup Artists: Rebecca Prior from Napoleon Perdis

1. Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer: One product I could not be without for any makeover be it bridal, runway, editorial, etc is Auto Pilot Primer. Primer is the bridging category between skincare and makeup and it's an essential step in makeup preparation. Not only does it keep makeup smoother for longer, it makes makeup application that much easier. Napoleon says "Not to Prime is a Crime," and I agree 100 percent!

2. Pro Palette Concealer: I always like to reach for a concealer that is the perfect balance of coverage, color, and smoothness and I find the Pro Palette concealer does all of these things. It allows quick coverage with minimal product, the combination of three colors allows you to customize to any area of the face, and most importantly - the product stays smooth and keeps the under eye area looking hydrated and not dry.

3. Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation: This is a miracle in a can! I use this lightweight, water-resistant product for anything from creating a quick, easy base, to bronzing a body to covering tattoos and stretch marks. This product has added the finishing touches to many a makeup look on so many occasions. It really is a backstage essential for me.

4. Mesmer-Eyes Mascara: This is my all time favorite mascara. I think people can underestimate how much ability lashes have to complete, change, or add character to a look. Whether you are going for silver screen goddess glamour, or runway, or reality - I like the Mesmer-Eyes Mascara because it allows you to create anything from super fine, separated, wispy lashes to fluttery lashes of faux proportions.

5. Mattifying Mineral Powder: Again, no matter the job, you need a powder you can rely on to keep shine at bay while still leaving the skin looking fresh and not dry or cakey - especially these days with the unforgiving nature of high definition. There is nothing more cringe-worthy as a makeup artist than seeing your work on camera or under the lights with shine to rival a disco ball. I love the Mattifying Mineral Primer; it is a super fine loose powder that keeps shine away while reducing the appearance of pores. A good powder is something you need on every job, all the time. All sexes, all ages, I use this product on everyone.

6. Ultimate Contour Palette: This is an item we like to call a "lingerie item" - and another essential. Just like lingerie, it goes on before the rest of the outfit/makeup to ensure that what ever you put on over the top looks amazing. This product allows you to become a sculptor and recreate the dimensions of the face to make different areas of the face more defined, or less prominent. What I like the most is that it has been cleverly developed so the texture of each of the shades in the palette will help give the most flattering results.

7. Loose Eye Dust: Loose Dusts are another favorite of mine because of their versatility. These highly pigmented pots of color can be used as eye shadows, face highlighters, they can be mixed through with glosses or lip lacquers to create instant customized color, and can even be mixed with a bonding agent to make metallic liquid liners. I love that you can apply them in a sheer wash of color, or press them on for dramatic intensity. I have every color of the rainbow but I use Honey Child the most as the gold undertone looks flattering on every skintone.

8. China Doll Gel Liner in Equinox: The versatility of this product is amazing. I can achieve a soft smudged liner, super fine crisp liner, or base to a smokey eye with just a few brush strokes - and once this product is dry IT STAYS PUT! If I could only have one eye liner in my kit, this would be the one. I have even used it on brows many times.

9. Red Lipstick: A blue based red lipstick like DéVine Goddess Aphrodite is always a staple for my kit. Red is a classic and will never go out of fashion, but I love that you can vary the shade dependent on the season or trend by mixing in a black gel eye liner. Doing this means you can have anything from a fire engine red to a berry red, scarlet or wine, to bordeaux - just depending on how much black you mix through.

10. Makeup Brushes: It is virtually impossible to do your craft well if you do not have the correct tools - to this day when I am teaching a class I say if there is anything you can NEVER forget, it is your brushes. These tools help to create different effects, get the job done accurately, and save time and product when it comes to application. I have multiples of my favorites that I use all the time. I love the Napoleon Perdis 10r Sculpting Brush, it can make any eye technique or look appear blended and fused within seconds.

Rebecca Prior has been in the makeup industry for 14 years and has been with Napoleon Perdis for almost 11 years after graduating in 1999 from the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy with a Diploma in Entertainment Makeup in Sydney, Australia. Rebecca is now based in Los Angeles and finds the Hollywood atmosphere a source of great inspiration, with endless movie premiers, red carpet events and glamour at every turn. Her passion lies in glamour makeup and this has seen her leading makeup teams at Australian and New York Fashion Week. In addition to working as an editorial artist, her makeup brushes have also touched the faces of many celebrities and world class models.

Napoleon Perdis

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lippie Love: Napoleon Perdis Xenia

Napoleon Perdis Xenia, lip stick, review, swatch, picture
This red was definitely a bit on the bright side, though not as much as I was afraid it would be based on the tube. It is a red with a small amount of pink in it, so really it is best suited for those of us with a cool complexion. It was pretty hydrating as well.

Napoleon Perdis

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lippie Love: Napoleon Perdis Lady in Red Lip Gloss

Napoleon Perdis Lady in Red Lip Gloss, swatch picture, review
This gloss from Napoleon Perdis is super, super pigmented. This is one layer, and it looks like a lipstick. It lasted about 4-5 hours (with some coffee and lunch in there) and it even wore off evenly rather than in patchy bunches. Love that! It doesn't feel sticky either.

Napoleon Perdis

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol: Really, a Burgundy for The Pale Set

Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol, review, swatch
This is a much darker blush than I thought I'd ever be using. I'm very pale and using a blush that is darker than a mid tone pink (with a big fluffy brush) is asking to look like a clown.

Somehow, that isn't the case with this blush. I think it must be that there is enough gold and white mixed in, but this blush has been really great on my skin tone. I've found myself reaching for it over and over. It took me forever to take pics of it. I couldn't keep it in my "typical" photo area. I was continually hunting it down each morning!

Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol, review, swatch
The blush is suprisingly light, really it is more of a rose color. The gold adds a little faint shimmer, really it just barely catches the light and that's it. I think this blush would work for pretty much any skin tone.

Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol

Monday, August 01, 2011

Rock On with Napoleon Perdis: A New Mineral Makeup

Rock On with Napoleon Perdis: A New Mineral Makeup, review
It sometimes seems that everyone has jumped on to the mineral makeup bandwagon except me. My friend Nadine of Nadine Jolie is especially a fan of mineral makeup. It really works for her too, the girl looks airbrushed in person. Like, sitting a few feet away she is perfect. I can only aspire to such amazing looking makeup.

So, why haven't I just started using it? Unfortunately, pretty much every mineral makeup I've tried (especially that big brand with the stores in the mall, yes, you know the one I mean) seems to give me some sort of skin rash. I get hivey, itchy redness. It's not cool.

So, I was excited to hear about the new makeup from Napoleon Perdis. A mineral makeup that is in liquid form seemed to me like something that my skin my enjoy a bit more. With the time saving benefits of a liquid foundation (really, I think smearing something around with my fingers and then buffing a little with a sponge or brush is fastest), this foundation promises the great color matching and oil absorbing capabilities of a mineral foundation.

Advanced Mineral Makeup is the liquid foundation, really it is a thick lotion in consistency. It is insanely easy to apply perfectly. I put a few dots on the areas I want to cover (primarily my t-zone), smear with a few finger tips, then I grab a little triangle makeup sponge and blend around my nose for about 5 seconds. Overall, this is a light-medium coverage foundation. If I want more coverage I repeat this process in those areas. Done. The makeup looks flawless on my skin (Look 2 is a perfect match for me, most people are Look 3 according to my contacts at Napoleon Perdis). I found that the foundation does help my skin stay a bit more matte than it would otherwise, though alone it isn't quite enough for my combination skin mid-summer. It does last all day, I still look great when it is time to head to bed.

Advanced Mineral has a companion product, the Mattifying Mineral Primer. Yes, it is a powder primer to go under your liquid makeup. I thought this was the craziest thing ever when the products first arrived at my home, but they do work together just fine. There is no resulting goopiness. None.

The first really cool thing about this primer is the dispenser. Instead of the typical sifter, the little contraption you see above is in the hinge area. When the lid is closed, the bottom oval is opened to the dispense powder. Shake, and 1 application's worth of powder will come up to be dispensed. Because of the way it seals you won't have excess powder released, which makes a huge difference over the typical sifter. I hate the sifter, I always end up with too much powder that goes everywhere. This is an amazing solution and I want this on every loose powder product I own.

The primer is a bit heavier than a typical powder. It has a yellow tint, what you see in my pic above in not a trick of the lighting. That's the color of the product. I use a big kabuki style brush to apply the powder to my t-zone, buffing to ensure a light and flawless application. I can't tell that it is on my skin and the yellow tint does help to reduce any redness.

The primer helps quite a bit with shininess in my t-zone, though it wasn't quite enough to keep my matte. To be fair, I was testing during a very hot time mid-summer, and it would likely be great for winter. The primer can be used as a powder to help set the foundation and cut down on shine. I found that it is too heavy to work well for me this way. I have a hard time getting it to look flawless, it comes across as too heavy in different areas. The yellow tint is just too much for me to use over the foundation as well, so I've been using regular powder instead.

Overall I really liked this duo. I've found myself reaching for it in the morning, well beyond my testing period. I'll definitely keep using it!

The foundation has SPF 15.

Napoleon Perdis

Monday, April 25, 2011

Win It! Napoleon Perdis Mother's Day Gift Box Set

Today I have a great contest! This Napoleon Perdis Mother's Day Gift Box Set is filled with makeup items that work for pretty much any one.

Included in the box:
• Prismatic Eye shadow Quad 5
• Lip Veil Tangerine Slice
• Rose Blush
• Black and Gold Striped Cosmetic Bag

To enter the Mother’s Day giveaway to win a Napoleon Perdis Mother’s Day Box Set, you can get an entry for each of these items:
• Answer the question “How Has Your Mother Inspired You?”, post your answer in the comment section on 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic.
• Post your answer on Twitter with @15minbeauty & @napoleonperdis using hashtag #spoilyourmother
• Follow @15minbeauty and @napoleonperdis on Twitter
• Like 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic on Facebook
• Like Napoleon Perdis on Facebook

Make a comment below for each entry above, including your email address please! If you win, I'll need to verify that entry with your Twitter or Facebook name. Open to United States and Australia Residents, contest closes on Monday May 2nd at 5 pm EST.

Napoleon Perdis Mother's Day Gift Box Set

The prize in this contest has been provided by the company.