Nail Polish Steal: Nail Inc’s Alice & Olivia Good Things Come In 3’s Kit

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Review Nail Inc's Alice & Olivia Good Things Come In 3's Kit

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that lately I’ve had a bit of an obsession with Nails Inc. While the brand has sent me a few things here and there, I can’t stop myself from filling my cart with their amazing polishes over at Sephora! (As I type this, I have 3 more on their way to me, because I bought a few for myself, including the Health Kick Kit). Here’s a peek at my current Nails Inc manicure with Victoria and Snow Globe.

In the meantime, one of my favorite shades is Bohemia Noire, an amazing deep red/aubergine. It’s available in the Alice & Olivia Good Things Come In 3’s Kit, and that kit is now on sale! It’s Limited Edition, so I’m betting that once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Included in the kit:
• 0.47 oz Nail Polish in Sky With Diamonds (fine charcoal shimmer)
• 0.17 oz Nail Polish in Sheer Beauty (peach nude)
• 0.17 oz Nail Polish in Bohemia Noire (deep aubergine)
• Makeup Bag

I’ve found that Nails Inc polishes apply smoothly and are very well pigmented, they require only 2 thin coats. I haven’t had any issues with streaks at all. It’s difficult to comment on wear length for the polishes due to some extenuating circumstances** (more on that at the bottom of this post if you’re interested in my tale of manicure-woe). In the past Nails Inc has given me about 5-6 days of chip free wear, currently I’m getting 2-3 days when using Orly Bonder base coat and Seche Vite top coat. I’m planning to try out their base coat and top coat, both are in my en route Sephora order.

Nails Inc Bohemia Noire Swatch

You can buy the Nail Inc’s Alice & Olivia Good Things Come In 3’s Kit at Sephora

I Bought It Affiliate Link

** What are those extenuating circumstances? I went to Florida in September for a family vacation, and since I was going to be swimming a lot, I went to my nail salon and got a UV set manicure. They used different brands of base, color and top coat. It looked great and lasted for 10 days, but when I tried to remove it (and later tried to have them remove it), it wouldn’t all come off! I’ve soaked in acetone I don’t even know for how long. So, there’s still a little bit of that manicure on my nails still. About 10 weeks later. I’ve removed what I could, and I’ve also done some filing, but given that I still have a little bit of that manicure on my nails, I don’t think the wear I’ve been getting from Nails Inc is “normal” for that brand, given in the past I’ve gotten 2-3 days longer from the brand. Other brands (OPI, Essie and Chanel) are all chipping much faster for me as well right now. So, no more UV cured manicures for me in a salon! I’ve bought a kit for doing it at home, but haven’t had time to do it myself yet.


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