The Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Larenim’s Kirsten Corcoran

The Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Larenim's Kirsten Corcoran

My Top Four Staple (“Can’t Be Without”) Beauty Items are
1. Bentonite clay facial masks (for detoxifying my skin)
2. Witch Hazel (for toning my skin)
3. Larenim Mineral Airbrush foundation (for making my complexion appear healthy and even)
4. Bamboo Polish (for exfoliating my skin and unclogging my pores).

I am skin care junkie. For me, smooth, tone and glowing skin is the most important goal a beauty diva could strive for. These four beauty products keep my skin looking its best BOTH day and night.

I always travel with my 5. Mineral Silk finishing powder. Traveling is usually stressful and stress can make the skin behave less than ideal. When I’m traveling, I buff on Mineral Silk several times a day because it helps my skin behave more “normal”. The minerals help to balance my skin’s pH ,diffuse stress induced oily shine and provide UV protection.
Mineral Silk is ideal for airline travel because it doesn’t violate TSA liquids’ rules and can be easily buffed onto the skin.

I wear 6. brighter nail polish and lip color in the Spring and Summer months than what I wear in the Fall and Winter months. I pick hot pinks and deep corals. By contrasting the more direct sun rays with bright cosmetic colors your features will appear more vibrant.

Kirsten Corcoran is the founder and Creative Director of Larenim Mineral Make Up.



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