The Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Kerry Swetmon, Southern Sass

1. Rene Furterer – Dry Shampoo
While my hair is dry at the ends, I do have oily roots. One absolute must-have product to keep in your hair product arsenal is Rene Furterer’s Naturia Dry Shampoo; a cleansing, water-free shampoo (that’s right, water free) for the hair. This product uses a lightweight, invisible powder to absorb oils. Now, I know…”water free shampoo” & “invisible powder”…Sounds like magic, right? Ummm, it is! The shampoo actually cleanses hair without the use of water as well as restoring volume and shine. And it smells divine (lots of clients report using it as a quick fix after the gym – men & women)! This is one product I haven’t been caught without in the three years since it launched. It’s my secret weapon.

2. Oribe – Dry Texturizing Spray
Another AMAZING product that is newer to the market is Oribe’s Dry Texturing Spray. So, yes, if you know me at all, you know I’m CRAZY about Oribe (pronounced Or-Bay) products. It is, what I consider, a styling line…For rock stars. This particular product is a revolutionary, invisible, dry spray that builds incredible volume while texturizing. The result is such that your hair can be molded, shaped, teased, volumized, tousled, curled…Whatever! And it’s this capacity to create the perfect styling texture that has stylists & hair gurus around the world swooning. I also use it if, by some horrible chance, I run out of my Rene Furterer Dry Shampoo. It too will absorb oil.

3. Rene Furterer’s Complexe 5
Rene Furterer is an amazing company. All of their hair care is plant based & so, so effective. Whereas most hair care lines treat the varying conditions of hair (i.e. dry, frizzy, oily, etc), this company bases its entire line on creating beautiful hair FROM THE ROOT. Complexe 5 is a scalp treatment. It is massaged into the scalp before shampooing (dry hair). The massage should last anywhere from 5-10 minutes with the idea that you are driving the product into your hair follicles. It does create an amazing warming sensation (not recommended for a sensitive scalp) while it actually clears the hair follicle. The combination of Active Ingredients (including an Antiseptic), stimulate micro-circulation and thus new, healthy hair growth. It is an awesome, innovative product.

4. Rene Furterer’s Karite Intense Nourishing Mask
Though Rene Furterer presents their products in systems, any of their products can be used as a stand-alone or in combination with your other favorite products. Karite is a deep conditioning mask & I personally use it once per week. It significantly nourishes dry hair by infusing with Shea butter and oil, thereby providing extreme moisture. I love, LOVE how soft and silky it makes my hair. I consider it a little spa day for my hair. This product will drastically repair extremely dry, damaged hair.

5. Bio-Ionic Style Winder Curling Iron
If you curl your hair, you’ll appreciate this curling iron without question. The Style Winder is leading the way into a new generation of hair tools as it basically does the work for you. Its rotating barrel means it literally takes the push of your thumb to curl your hair. It has cut my curling time down by ½!!!! It also has 2 heating elements which provide an even heat throughout the barrel. No more uneven spots! It has some other fancy features (automatic shut off, heats to 440°F, digital temperature read-out, includes a how-to DVD) and it comes in 2 different barrel widths. This is the easiest curling iron you will ever use.

6. True Cosmetics – Restoring Deep Cleanser
I have fairly dry skin & at times battle minor eczema. This cleanser is in an oil form. Sounds weird, right? It’s actually applied with dry hands onto dry skin. You literally massage it into your face, and it feels incredible. By then adding tepid water, the oil emulsifies (but only slightly). I cannot tout this cleanser enough. It is the only cleanser I’ve ever used that entirely removes every last trace of makeup.

7. True Cosmetics – Youth Revealing Complex
This product makes my face feel like silk. It’s packed with ceramides & essential skin lipids so it acts to prevent the signs of aging. I like it because a little goes a long way and, although it moisturizes better than anything else I’ve tried, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. And it does provide sun protection as well. It’s a tiny bottle, but it lasts. I use this every night before bed. You can buy this wherever True Cosmetics are sold & it’s small enough for travel.

8. Phineas Stout’s Sweet Caramel Lip Scrub
This is a small company that I was lucky enough to happen upon. They have less than 15 SKU’s. But….This company ROCKS their few products. I love their lip scrub. It’s genius! Why aren’t there lip exfoliators everywhere? Chapstick always provides me a temporary (instant gratification) solution by coating lips in wax. Phineas Stout’s Sweet Caramel Lip Scrub provides that same instant gratification, but also effectively exfoliates the chapped lips. Now, it is a little messy because it’s literally a scrub (not smooth), but nothing crazy (I promise). I just brush it off. The mixture is a combination of Oil of sweet almonds, avocado, Vitamin E and sugar (the exfoliator). It tastes like a dream; you’ll want to eat it!

9. Phineas Stout’s Handcrafted Soap – Oatmeal & Honey
While these soaps come in a variety of “flavors,” the Oatmeal & Honey is my personal favorite. It’s a gentle exfoliate, it smells incredible & is all natural. As previously mentioned, I do, at times, battle eczema, so I cannot use anything harsh on my skin. This soap is very mild and made with Shea butter. Oh, and not only is the soap itself beautiful, it’s completely natural, vegan-friendly AND the soaps arrive in the most beautiful packaging…I feel like I’m receiving a little present☺

Kerry Swetmon is a busy mom and beauty maven to boot. Kerry wholeheartedly believes in inspiring women to nurture their outer beauty as a direct tool towards fostering inner beauty.

This glamour truth-seeker relentlessly pursues carefully selected lines of products & accessories that will stimulate a remarkable shift in the way people feel about their hair & accessorizing. Through her website & blog, Southern Sass, Kerry strives to create an online destination for women to interact, learn & shop! It’s your life…Indulge!

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