15 New Hair Products That Stylists Are Excited About!

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15 New Hair Products That Stylists Are Excited About!
I’m definitely a product junkie, and get really excited about new products. But what are the pros get excited about? Do they get just as excited about the same things? Today I thought I’d find out which new products professional hairstylists are excited about trying out.

Morgan Willhite, Creative Director at Ouidad
1. Ouidad Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Cream Shampoo
“Ouidad has launched a new clarifying shampoo “Superfruit” which is a hydrating moisturizing clarifier. Superfruit is great for summer with the need to remove the buildup of chlorine from pools and salts from ocean which both can be drying on your locks.
Also when looking to do a conditioning treatment, start process with a cleaning, hydrated state…. First use Ouidad’s Superfruit to remove unwanted buildup to insure the best overall results when conditioning.”

Regina Ventimiglia
2. RED by Kiss Handle-Less Hair Dryer
“I’m in love with my new RED by Kiss Handle-Less Hair Dryer. It’s Ceramic and Tourmaline, Super Fast and Incredibly Light Weight. In the past, I’ve only purchased “Premium” Dryers and honestly ordered this only for my gym bag but it’s now my go to!”

3. Metallic Hair-Tie Cuffs
The “hair wrapped” ponytail has been an easy summer favorite for a few seasons now but I’m liking the accessories for ponytail trends. I’ve picked up Leather Wraps and Metallic Hair-Tie Cuffs in Silver and Gold. Just make sure that you keep your look balanced and aim for polished…not cheesy!

Sean Henry is a stylist at Salon Evol in Stroudsburg, PA
4. Davines Oi All in One Milk
“Davines Oi All in One Milk has blown of my retail shelves and by far the best product I have ever held in my hand in almost 19 years. For the first time ever I can sell a product that works on many hair types, detangles, adds shine, gives body, protects the hair, and controls frizz. It has Provitamin B5 for its moisturizing action and Roucou oil that prevents the hair from aging and isa strong antioxidant. Is great to finally sell a client on product that does all, then to “load them up” with many different products that just drive up the final bill at the front desk.”

Sherri Jessee is a hairstylist and makeup artist who owns Sherri’s Hair Salon, in Bristol, Virginia. She also writes for Latest-Hairstyles.com
5. Sam Villa Textur Iron
“The Sam Villa Textur Iron creates a micro crimp in the hair that literally doubles the thickness of the hair. Take small sections and press lightly to “beef up” the texture with only a small indication of “crimping.” This can serve as a fabulous base for gorgeous up-dos.”

6. Enzo Milano Estratto 3 Crimping Iron
“The Enzo Milano Estratto 3 Crimping Iron with the square plates creates texture that looks exactly like naturally super curly hair. It is a wonderful way to give someone with poker-straight hair the beautiful tight curls they’ve always dreamed of.”

Bill Murphy is the founder of Recitals Hair Care
7. Pantene Pro-V Split Fix Instant Split End Repair Creme
“Pantene Pro V Split Fix is great for binding split ends and eliminates them over time.”

8. Recitals Melody Moisture Miracle Crème
“Recitals Melody Moisture Miracle Crème is a fantastic multi-purpose product. It’s a wonderfully blended formula of natural and organic ingredients that is lightweight, acts as a leave-in conditioner, styling product that moisturizes while preserving hair color, preventing frizz and adding hold and shine.”

9. Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray
“Oribe Apres Beach shine spray is a great product for pliability and shine.”

Mika Fowler is a celebrity hairstylist at the Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills
10. Joico Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax 02
“Joico’s Texture Boost is a dry spray wax that allows for the best product when it comes to creating the tousled beachy waves in the summer.”

Andrea Dion Jacobs is a stylist at Orchid Salon in Wailea, HI
11. Croc Silicone Brushes
“The new happiness in my kit right now are my set of Croc brushes. Not only are they ceramic and tourmaline infuse barrel and heat resistant, the silicone strips in the brush barrel provide the perfect grip. Making styling brush curls, that are smooth and frizz free easy. The handles are long, but makes for a well balanced brush.”

12. Brazilian Blow Out Split End Treatment
“If you have the kind of hair that never seems to grow or fine hair that splits easily. The treatment fills in and mends split ends protecting hair for 4 weeks. It is perfect for sealing a fresh hair cut or a great way to get extra mileage out of a cut that is a few weeks old. I found it does not weigh down finer hair nor does it straighten curls. It is an added 10 minutes to a blow dry service with no downtime, shampoo, swim, work out that day.”

Julianne Bryce is a senior stylist at George the Salon in Chicago
13. Carrot Oil
“Carrot oil sounds like it’s going to be the next new thing. Pick some up at your local whole foods. It is rich in carotene and antioxidants and can aid in hair growth.”

Estelle Baumhauer is the Color Director at eSalon
14. eSalon Tinted Love
15. eSalon Color Kiss
“eSalon is launching a pigmented hair mask which will help clients maintain their hair color longer as well as improving the condition of hair. Also we’ve launched our Color Kiss Temporary Root Touch Up, which helps disguise roots quickly between color applications. Color Kiss is portable so can be carried in a purse or pocket.”

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