Is Double Heating Better: Remington T Studio Thermaluxe Curlers Review

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Is Double Heating Better:  Remington T Studio Thermaluxe Curlers Review

I love hot rollers. They are fast and easy. I can put them in my hair in about 3-4 minutes, and then let them cool down while I do my makeup. Once they're out, they just need a quick tousle, a spray of hair spray, and I'm ready to go! However, since my rollers are aging, they don't get as hot. Over the last year or so the change in temperature has been very noticeable, and the result is that my hair falls flat by the end of the day instead of 2-3 days later.

So, I've tried a few new sets of rollers, part of my forever hunt for the perfect, effortless curl. Those other sets haven't impressed me much. There was a set that was much too heavy, one from the same brand as my beloved stand by curlers that simply didn't have enough curlers, so I'm hoping that the third time is the charm!

Is Double Heating Better:  Remington T Studio Thermaluxe Curlers Review
Is Double Heating Better:  Remington T Studio Thermaluxe Curlers Review

This roller set from Remington is a bit different, because rather than heating up only the roller, you also heat the clip! When your hair is rolled, you'll get more even and thorough heating, and a longer lasting curl.

You can see that the whole set comes in a double sided container, the roller slot vertically into their spots. There are 12 large 1 1/4" curlers and 8 medium 1" curlers. I haven't measured them, but I do feel like there is a shorter "rolling surface" than other curlers, so I need to use slightly smaller sections of hair. With other curlers I typically need about 18 to curl my hair (I have a lot!), but I use all 20 with this set.

Overall, I do really like this set. It is hotter than others, but doesn't burn my head. Heating the clip as well does make a difference with how long my curls last, I can get 2 days out of my curls. Because the curlers are larger at 1 1/4", the effect is more like a big, curly blow out than when I curl my hair with a curling iron. So, the first day it's curly, the next day my hair is big and voluminous with some waves.

I'm using the set quite frequently, but I would love it if Remington made a similar set with all 1" curlers, and taller/longer curlers so I could get a longer curl. So if someone happens to be reading this review.... please make some!

Is Double Heating Better:  Remington T Studio Thermaluxe Curlers Review

Here's what my hair looks like right after I take out the curlers. You can see that they add a lot of volume and while there's curl, my hair is mostly really big and bouncy. The curl will calm down quite a bit in about an hour, but the effects will last for a day or two.

Remington T Studio Thermaluxe Pro Series Hair Setter at ULTA

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  1. I've been on the hunt for a new set of rollers too... my old Babyliss set has died and my Calista set for long hair gets tangled too easily. With this set... how do you prevent or deal with creasing from the clips? I tried a "heated clips" set once before and found that the clips left dents and creases that had to be flat-ironed out.

    1. I haven't really noticed any creasing. If you look at the clips, the teeth are different lengths with their grooves, your hair can move in and out a bit but it still holds the hair. It's hard to describe, but I only noticed a few small creases so far, and once I fluff out my hair with my fingers they pretty much disappear so I just ignore the issue.

  2. I bought these at Ulta and tried them today. Great results! Smooth bouncy curls - I left them in until completely cool - that lasted well. It's a little tricky getting the rollers out of the unit but I think I'll get better with practice. There was a little creasing but it wasn't noticeable after I shook out the curls. I do agree with you that a set with more big rollers and maybe longer rollers would be more suited to my needs, but I'm pretty happy with this one. Thank you!!


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