Fall Drugstore Beauty Update with CVS

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CVS Fall Drugstore Makeup Update
I know that I’m not the only one that can’t walk into a drugstore without spending copious amounts of time browsing the beauty section. This is particularly difficult at my local CVS, where the makeup end caps seem to be rapidly multiplying. There are new product displays and exclusive brands (such as Nuance and MUA) every time I turn around! It is hard to walk out of there with just the items I was planning to buy, but at least I collect a lot of CVS ExtraBucks! Since CVS is very near my house, it’s easy to just pop in when I’m out running errands. Which means that I’m in there pretty often.

CVS Fall Drugstore Makeup Update
Recently I made a trip to CVS to update my makeup for the fall makeup trends, and I thought it would be great to shared what I purchased. I probably spent a good hour wandering around my CVS, I really did feel like every time I turned around there was another brand display to look at! More than anything, that’s what made my trip so long. I would think I was done, turn a corner and find an area with 5 new product displays. Because of this, I love to go and check out CVS for new makeup products, they always have the latest releases!

Amazing Liner, Smokey Day Look
Trend #1: Amazing Liner, Smokey Day Look
All over the runways for Fall 2016, you found eyeliner that was different. Whether it was a smudged smokey eye or a winged out cat liner, no one really had a simply lined eye.

L'Oreal's Smokissime Powder Eyeliner Swatch
Left to Right: Taupe Smoke, Brown Smoke, Purple Smoke, Black Smoke
There are some great products out there to get this look! The first one is L’Oreal’s Smokissime Powder Eyeliner. It is super easy to use, the tip is a sponge and it releases a powder similar to shadow, but it is a big more directed in where it goes and it is more pigmented. You can line your eyes, use it over your entire lid if you want… I find it is best to use a lighter neutral shadow all over my lid, then I line my top and bottom lash line with this, a thinner line on the bottom. I smudge it a bit with a shadow brush.

Sometimes I do use a regular liner with these as well, just for a very intense line right at the lash. My drugstore pick for a great liner to smudge like this is Maybelline Lasting Drama, which I grabbed in Glazed Toffee, a dark brown. It is almost gel-like, I found it very easy to smudge but after about 30 seconds it stays put. So, smudge fast, then it will stay perfect all day!

Drugstore Eyeliner
Here you can see 2 different liquid liners that I picked up. On the left is CoverGirl Intensify Me, which has a flat tip. I love that you can twist it and get a totally different look. On the right is L’Oreal Voluminous Liner Noir, which has a very long and thin tip. The liner pen itself is also triangular shaped with little parts to put your fingers, so the liner is really showing you exactly how to hold it to get a better cat eye. I’m not great at getting the tip even, but I’ve been practicing with this liner and already I’m getting much better.

Fall 2016 Merlot
Trend #2: Dark Red for Fall
Merlot, Cranberry, Garnet, no matter what you call it, every fall dark jewel tones are everywhere and red is always the best for makeup. I look for it when buying both lip and nail colors. I’ve heard that the new Maybelline Color Jolts are amazing! Friends have told me that the color pay off is great and they last for hours without being sticky. This one is #35, Berry Naughty.

I’m also obsessing over the new Essie Gel Couture Colors. It is a long wear polish that lasts 5-7 days without chips! I have both Model Clicks and Spiked with Style (pictured here), and I’ve been wearing them over and over.

Best fall bronze drugstore eye shadow
Trend #3: Bronze Eye Shadows
In addition to the typical jewel tones, this fall is all about bronze eye shadows. Luckily, this color is pretty easy to find! I did find a few singles that looked great, but I prefer to find it in a palette, where I can use the coordinating shadows for a complete look. I found 3 great gold-bronze palettes, which were well pigmented and would be perfect for fall!

Best fall bronze drugstore eye shadow
Maybelline, Sunlit Bronze

Best fall bronze drugstore eye shadow
CoverGirl, Goldens

Best fall bronze drugstore eye shadow
L’Oreal Boudoir Charme
The best drugstore Peachy Nude Lips
Trend #4: Nude Lips
Nude lips aren’t really new, but I feel like they’re everywhere this fall, I’m seeing more than ever before! All of my nude lippies at home are a nude-pink color, but this fall I want a peachy-nude tone. I grabbed Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in 630 Seduction and NYX Butter Lipstick in Fun Size Mini.

Best Drugstore Highlighting Products
Trend #5: Glowy Skin
Glowy skin isn’t really a new trend, but it was all over the Fall/Winter 2016 Runways like never before! Typically glow like this is seen on the Spring/Summer shows. A slew of new highlighting products have come out recently, and I’m pretty excited to try out a few of them.

First, Maybelline Facestudio Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter is very easy to just draw directly on to your face, then blend with fingers or a brush. You can use it over other makeup, or layer it under your foundation for a more subtle, lit from within glow.

I also really love that the Maybelline Facestudio Master Contour Face Contouring Kit has a matte bronzer, pretty blush and a powder highlighter all in one palette. The shimmer of this highlighter is more subtle than the Strobing Stick, but it’s just enough to catch the light when you apply it to your cheekbones.

New Drugstore Mascara
Trend #6: Long and Lush Lashes
Everyone always wants long and thick lashes, but this season a ton of new mascara products have come out to help you get the lashes of your dreams, without having to use falsies! I grabbed three new products to try out.

First, I grabbed the new L’Oreal Voluminous Feline Mascara, I grabbed waterproof because I’m always on the hunt for amazing waterproof mascaras! The new L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Primer is meant to be layered under any mascara. I’ve already tried the primer and it really does work wonders. Maybelline Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara was my last choice, it has a molded plastic comb very similar to L’Oreal Butterfly, I expect it to be great for layering and keeping clumps at bay.

What have you bought this fall to update your makeup look for the season? I’d love to know!

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This post is part of a collaboration with CVS, but I fully admit to stopping in there to shop often (it’s very near to my house) and spending a lot of time shopping.


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