Cold Weather Beauty Swap Outs with Dove: Prepping for Colder Weather

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Cold Weather Beauty Swap Outs with Dove: Prepping for Colder Weather

When the weather starts getting colder and the humidity plummets, there are a few swap outs that I make in my beauty routine that make a big difference! I thought that today was the perfect time to share my picks! In general, I go for items that are more gentle and add some much needed moisture to my skin and hair. The cold, dry air of the winter (and all of my subsequent time spent indoors with central heating) really does dry out my hair and skin, despite running our humidifier.

I recently shared Dove’s Self-Esteem Project with my readers, and there’s been a huge outpouring of response! So, while I was at Rite Aid recently I picked some of my favorite Dove products. Read on to see what I grabbed while I was shopping!

Cold Weather Beauty Swap Outs with Dove: Prepping for Colder Weather

1. Dry Shampoo: Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo
I love dry shampoo year round to stretch the time I go in between washing my hair, but that becomes even more important during the winter! If I wash my hair too frequently in the winter, it becomes dry and staticky, with fly aways that are hard to control. I’ve also found that my scalp becomes dry and itchy if I wash every day.

So, I use dry shampoo to stretch to about 3-4 days (instead of 2-3 days) in between hair washings. I love using dry shampoo at night before bed, instead of in the morning. I can apply a bit more product, it soaks up oil even better, and there’s no whiteness or dullness issues! This dry shampoo from Dove smells great and also adds some great volume to my hair.

2. Moisturizing Antiperspirant: Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant
Strange but true, even your underarms need to be a little pampered. Dry skin can happen everywhere, and if I get dry under my arms, well, I get itchy. Instead of applying moisturizer under my arms, I use an antiperspirant that also helps to hydrate my skin. Multi-tasking!

3. Super Hydrating Body Wash: Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash
Once the weather turns cold, it’s a good idea to conserve any and all moisture you can in your skin. One of my favorite swap outs is to go for a super moisturizing body wash. This is one of my favorites! It is very gentle but still gets my skin clean, and it leaves my skin very soft and moisturized.

Cold Weather Beauty Swap Outs with Dove: Prepping for Colder Weather

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Included in the tote:
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Learn more about Dove’s Self-Esteem Project

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This post is a paid collaboration, but all opinions, and dry shampoo obsessions, are my own.


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