Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: My Beauty Picks

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2015 Beauty Exclusive Picks

I obviously write quite a bit about shopping. Have I mentioned that I have a problem? One my husband definitely knows about... though at least I buy everything on sale, right? Since I closed down my shopping blog a few years ago, but I still feel the need to share my shopping finds with someone, somewhere... my 15 Minute Beauty readers will have to listen to me instead!

Last year I made 3 large (large) purchases from the Nordies Sale. I was pregnant, so I was buying some maternity items, baby items, even clothes for post-partum. I also did quite a bit of my usual beauty stocking up. This year I won't be buying quite as much since I don't have the massive fluctuations in size a few months down the road. But, there will still be plenty of purchases!

I'm still looking at all of the clothing items and deciding what I need/want in my closet for late summer and fall. But, somehow.... yes, all of this stuff is sitting in my cart right now. Currently the pre-sale is going on, so it's a great time to snag some items. But, I seem to recall more stuff coming out for the "real" general sale in the past, so expect more sale posts in the near future!

Stocking Up

RevitaLash ADVANCED Duo ($196 Value) $98.00
I bought 4 of these babies last year, because each one is 3 months worth... so yes, a full year supply of Revitalash. You can check out my Revitalash review, but it's probably easiest to see the results in my before picture on my Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara Review. My lashes are crazy long and thick because of this conditioner, and I am asked regularly by friends, co-workers and even strangers in the produce department about my fake lashes. I will be buying another year's worth in the Nordies sale, this is the cheapest I can buy it all year long.

RevitaLash RevitaBrow ADVANCED Duo ($220 Value) $110.00
I'll probably only buy one of these sets since I don't use the brow product all the time. But this stuff is great! It helps keep my brows full, I apply to thinning areas and within a few days they start filling out again. I usually have to use it for a few days every couple of weeks.

GLAMGLOW 'GLAMAZING' Set ($99 Value) $69.00
I've been curious about Glamglow and their amazing masks for about a year now. I have seen them on sale previously, but usually at one off places like TJ Maxx, often already opened... yuck. This set has a full size ThirstyMud mask (the mask I'm most interested in), a sample of YouthMud (which I want to try but isn't likely to be a staple for me with my rosacea-sensitive skin) and 3 eye treatments.

Great Makeup

Bobbi Brown Secret to Standout Eyes Set ($133 Value) $85.00
Who doesn't love all things Bobbi Brown? This set has 12 perfect neutral shadow shades, gel liner, mascara, and a liner brush. All for under $100

Charlotte Tilbury 'On the Go Essentials' Set ($213 Value) $155.00
I do have some Charlotte Tilbury items that I haven't reviewed yet for the blog (and I do like them. The lipstick, gloss, eye liner, mascara and shadow), but there are a lot of her items that I want to try out and they're included here! I especially want to try out that magic cream, and since a full sized jar of it is $100, this is a perfect set for me to pick up.

NARS Blame it on NARS Cheek Palette ($152 Value) $59.00
This works for pretty much everyone, and since it holds 4 products in 1 compact it is perfect for travel or on the go.

Lancôme Mascara Wardrobe Set ($89 Value) $39.50
Lancôme has great mascaras, and I love that this set has so many! They're all minis, and included is a mini eye makeup remover (Bi-Facil is pretty amazing stuff) and a full sized eye liner.

Yves Saint Laurent 'Rock Attitude' Glossy Stain Set ($108 Value) $72.00
I'm kind of obsessing over the YSL Glossy Stains. I have 3 of them (I just bought a new one last week from a sale on the YSL site) and this is 2 of them, in a cute case, and with the new Glossy Stain Plump Up No. 200 (which is the one I bought last week but I'm in love with it and will need more) for the price of 2!

M·A·C 'Look in a Box - Style Maven' Face Kit ($113 Value) $49.50
MAC's look palettes for the Nordies sale are always amazing, and I love this plum-mauve set! This looks perfect for me. The more neutral/warm toned Sophisticate Palette is also in my cart (which I've actually already checked out of, and I may have accidentally purchased 2 of that one, so I guess I'll be having a contest!)


M·A·C 'Look in a Box - Advanced' Brush Kit ($159 Value) $52.50
MAC brush sets are always a great deal, especially if you buy them during the Nordies sale or at the Holidays! There's a second Basic Set as well.

Bobbi Brown Brush Set ($211 Value) $128.00
Bobbi's brush sets are always more expensive, but she tends to include brushes that are a bit different and impossible to get without buying a set like this. In this case, I have my eye on the Full Coverage Face Brush and Face Blender Brush.

CLARISONIC SMART Profile - Pink Sonic Skin Cleansing System $212.00 After Sale: $265.00
I'm a big fan of the Clarisonic, and this is the perfect time to grab one! These are definitely some of the best prices that you'll see all year long. I've pictured the super, ultra deluxe Smart Profile here, but you could also get a Mia2 or a Mia3 if you want a less expensive option.

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  1. YES to the YSL lippies, the Clarisonic (own the Mia 2 and love it :)) and the Nars! All great picks though.


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