The Weekend Beauty Reads from The Beauty Spotlight Team

Phyrra brings you an easy to follow Dramatic Teal Cut Crease Tutorial!

What do you crave on your nails in the summer? Beauty Info Zone shares a KBShimmer polish that you'll have a lot of love for and might start a craving.

Sunny from Mostly Sunny used to think she can’t pull off reddish brown eyeshadows, but one day she realized she just has to pair them right! Check out her new reddish brown shadow love, Giorgio Armani Senso Eye Tint!

If you seek summer-ready skin that is fresh, luminous and healthy, then Colbert MD Intensify Facial Disks will gently and effectively achieve this goal! Learn why Lola's Secret Beauty Blog is thoroughly obsessed with this game changing exfoliator!

Prime Beauty has an exclusive eyeshadow to share with you from Pacifica! Enter to win the Power of Love Eyeshadow Palette!

Are you obsessed with neutrals palettes like Pammy is? Pammy Blogs Beauty tries out Hard Candy's new Look Pro Natural Eyes Palette. Is the quality as good as the price? Find out!

Christa from Perilously Pale has many new favourite nail polish colours for summer and several happen to be from the stunning Essie Summer 2015 Collection.

15 Minute Beauty has been obsessed with one thing lately, and that's her hair! Find out her favorite products to create the perfect tousled waves.


Anonymous said...

As a physician, are you concerned about all oki the chemicals in your beauty products?

Christine said...

There are only a few ingredients that I worry about and that's mostly when I'm pregnant. Such as retinoids, hydroxy acids, etc. Ingredients such as parabens have been studied extensively, and there's no current data that supports removing them from beauty products. Sites like the EWG are not scientifically based. They claim to have read the studies, but they seem to draw very dramatically different conclusions from some studies than physicians and scientists. They're a lobbyist group, pure and simple, and have made people afraid of actual science. There are options to avoid some of those ingredients (including the parabens), so if they worry you, it is possible to avoid them in your products. However, if you're going to avoid parabens then you shouldn't be eating blueberries.

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