Summer Shopping: Avoiding The Birk

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Best Non-Birkenstock Sandals

I graduated from high school in 1995. Which means that when I was graduating, the Birkenstock was in the middle of a revival. Why, yes, I did wear Birkenstocks to my graduation ceremony. My mom didn’t say a thing, she was good that way. (Thanks, Mom!)

So, I can not get on board with the current Normcore, we all wear Birks everywhere thing. I did that in 1995, I want something cuter! But yes, I do admit that they are really comfortable. So, if you’re going to go there, more power to you.

I did a little shopping for alternatives this week. I was trying to be comfy but cute, and I was drawn to these Birk alternatives. One of the keys for “cuteness” seems to be forgetting about that molded shoe bed. Which honestly, never quite hit my foot in the right spot anyways. So, this is a win-win thing in my mind! I was looking for wide leather straps and a flat (or nearly flat) heel.

best comfy summer sandals
1. Forever 21 Faux Leather Slingback Sandals: That zipper accent is actually my favorite part! This is also such an affordable pair of sandals, how can you not get a pair?

2. H&M Sandals: I love the ankle strap on this pair!

3. Gap Classic Leather Sandals: A thinner ankle strap here, and I like the combination of the black leather and the brown foot bed.

4. Tory Burch Marbella Flat Sandal: I love the criss cross of the straps.

5. Kork-Ease Myrna 2.0 Cork Wedge Sandal: This is more sole than I would normally like (it’s bordering a bit too much on mid-90’s here), but I think it works!

6. MICHAEL Michael Kors Sawyer Double-Band Sandal, Black: This is the closest I’ll probably get to a Birk! It’s streamlined and skinnier than a Birk, and the monochrome look is better.

7. UGG Australia Char Mar Ankle Cuff Wedge Sandal: Yes, it’s an UGG. I KNOW. So pretty. That tiny bit of wedge makes a big difference.

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