The Beauty Spotlight Team: What's in Pammy's Bag?

Pammy ditches her diaper bag in favor of a chic-er purse/diaper bag hybrid: the Mommy Bag! Come check out what this busy Mommy of 2 under 3 carries around on a daily basis! How many lip products does a Mommy-on-the-Go need? Apparently way too many, lol!

Take a Peek in Pammy's Bag!


Anonymous said...

While I really wanted to check out what Pammy carries in her mommy bag, I didn't appreciate the multitude of pop-up advertising that was forcing me to click. There is way too much malware out there infecting people's computers via pop-ups. If you cannot simply click outside of the pop-up onto the website page to dismiss the ad, there is no way I will stay on the site. Even clicking the "x" or "opt out" option could be connected to a virus.

Christine Mikesell said...

I agree, I don't usually stay on sites like that either. Pammy is a personal friend of mine and runs ads from BlogHer, I actually don't get pop ups when I go to her site, so you may want to check and see if you have malware?

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