60 Second Updo: Scünci Hollywood Roll

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Quick and Easy updo in 60 seconds with the Scunci Hollywood Roll

Now that I'm on my maternity leave (both from the real job and my little blogging one, most of the content recently was pre-written during my third trimester), I seem to be busier than ever! Most of my time is taken up with my new arrival, but I've also been getting ready for the holidays. With time at a premium, you can imagine that I have even less time to get ready each morning!

Getting my hair up and out of my face is one of the things I can't skip in the morning, but a ponytail definitely gets old after a while! So, I've been looking for items like this, the Scünci Hollywood Roll, which creates an updo in about 60 seconds! It is also perfect for a quick day to night change or for a holiday party.

Scunci Hollywood Roll Tutorial

The Hollywood Roll is super easy to use. You put the headband on your head so that the roll is in the lower back. Note that the pretty headband is on my forehead to keep it more stable while I'm doing my hair, you can keep it there or move it back later on.

You start by pulling hair from underneath the band, wrapping it up and over to behind the band. I fully wrapped the first few sections of hair, but afterwards I simply pulled up my hair and stuffed it behind the band. Rolling all of the hair isn't necessary and takes quite a bit of time (see the video below). Once your hair is where you want it, you can move the headband up.

The end result is an updo that takes under 60 seconds! I took the images below after wearing the Hollywood Roll all day, you can see that my hair stayed put!

Easy and fast tutorial for Downton Abbey hair

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  1. That's pretty awesome! It looks great!

  2. I've always loved this 1940's hairstyle, and when I saw this product in my local Walmart the other day, I got Very Excited!

    I'm wearing it right now for the first time, and it's so much easier than doing this hairstyle the traditional way. I'm pretty crafty so I'm planning on making myself a few of these!

  3. i have been looking for this product, ever since a friend in a fb group said she bought it & made a video of herself doing her hair. i thought it looked so cute & that my hair is the perfect length for it. she said it was by "goody or something" and she had gotten it at "target or walmart"...i'm more of a target girl, so i looked there & couldn't find it...but then i just found it online at walmart & i got ebates cash back by buying it online, but i'm picking it up at my local store for free. it'll be ready for pick up by 9pm tonight. pretty sweet....i'm SO excited to try it out!


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