Mia Case: Your Phone Can Carry Makeup Now

Product Sent for Review

phone makeup case review
phone makeup case review

I have to share this with you! The Mia is a new phone case (available for iPhone 5 and 5s), that has a secret compartment. When you open it, there's just the right space to store a few credit cards and your license. Or..... yes, that compartment has a little sticky pad that you can expose and put a few little makeup pans on (those are 3 of my Kim Porter Shadows, which I'm still loving and use at least once a week). You can use pans from pretty much any brand, I'm hoping to find a pan concealer that I can depot to put in the case for super easy touch ups throughout the day. I think Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer would be perfect!

Mia Case
Product Sent for Review


Aimee said...

Sometimes my phone gets really hot if I'm using it a lot and other times it's hot because I stick it on a dash mount to act as my GPS when it's 97 and sunny out. If your phone ever gets warm, you might want to opt out of keeping any creamy products in the case.

Jen Cassellius said...

Well, I might have to switch to an iPhone now just because of this! But, the previous poster has a good point about the melting makeup issue. Thoughts?

Emily said...

woah thats really cool! and really useful if you dont have pockets or want to carry a bag around!

Christine Mikesell said...

Re: the melting thing. I've never had my iphone get hot. I've used it a few times as a GPS when I didn't want to use the one built in to my car for some reason, and it wasn't hot then.... I don't tend to leave my phone out in hot locations either. I probably wouldn't leave it places that I wouldn't put a regular makeup compact, but the heat hasn't been an issue for me with my iPhone.

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