Can Waves Stretch Your Hair For 2 More Days?

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Can Waves Stretch Your Hair For 2 More Days?extending your shampoo with wavy hair
As I’ve been growing out this long bob, my hair has gotten heavy. Really heavy. Some of that is probably the pregnancy hormones, but I do need to add in a few layers and such. Combined with the tired/laziness of the end of my pregnancy, the result has mostly been boring ponytails.

I’m determined to step it up a little, and if stepping it up a bit means that I can also stretch a shampoo a few more days…. well that’s just even better for after I have the baby! On Day 1 I can wear my hair just blown out. Day 2 is long and wavy (left above), and Day 3 is a big, voluminous pony.

Easy Wavy Hair
What I Used:
Ion Heat Protection Spray
Ion Styling Mousse
Gold ‘N Hot Triple Barrel Waver
Ion Brilliance Shine Spray
Ion Dry Shampoo

1. Prep Your Hair
A really big part of this look is properly prepping your hair. This works best on second day hair (dirty hair always has more texture and “grab” for me), but I need to get a good base in place the day before when I wash.

I always, always, always use a good heat protectant on my hair after I wash it. Even if I’m just planning to let my hair air dry that day, there’s a decent chance I’ll be heat styling the next day. I’m not a fan of fried hair, been there, done that. The Ion Heat Protection Spray is one of my favorites because you can’t even tell that it is in your hair! A few sprays throughout my hair are all I need, then I just comb it through.

Next, I like to use Ion Styling Mousse to help my hair hold on to the curls. I really believe that mousse is the secret to all day curls! If your hair won’t hold a curl, you just need more mousse. I use a handful of the Ion mousse, roughly the size of a large egg. I distribute it from root to tip on my hair, and comb it through for even distribution.

That’s where I stop for Day 1. My hair is straight, if I need to I might add a little of the shine spray, but my blowout is done for the day.

using a waving iron on your hair
2. Waving My Hair

For Day 2, I wave my hair. I usually add a little more of the heat protectant spray first (just brush it through the bottom half of the hair shaft). The waver is really great because it does all of the work for you! It has 2 settings, low (200) and high (380). While the waver does start to heat up and you can use it in about 60 seconds, it takes about 3-4 minutes to reach the actual temperature. So, I plug it in and go do other things while I wait.

When waving my hair, I start by sectioning off my hair. I like to make the sections diagonal rather than horizontal, the end result will be a bit more natural and uniform looking. You can see in the picture what the waver does when you open the clamp. You just put your hair in there and when it closes your hair will wrap around the barrels creating waves. I did also experiment with wrapping my hair around the barrels (both a single barrel and then as a figure 8 around the barrels) and it worked to create an even tighter wave, however these barrels are just 5/8″. I think it would work better with the Gold ‘N Hot Jumbo Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver.

When waving, I found that wide but skinny sections worked best. Fill up the width of the waver but don’t have more than about 1/2″ of hair between plates at a time. I counted to 10 and then released my hair, but this will vary depending upon the person.

wavy hair don't care!
You can see what my hair looks like down after waving it (ignore that 1 straight piece, I couldn’t find it in my hair before or after the pictures, I think it’s about 5 hairs that are just showing up!). A little spray of shine spray was all I needed, but some hair spray would also be great if your hair has a hard time holding on to hair.

Volumized wavy pony
3. Day 3 Ponytail

The next day my waves were still there, but not as well defined. I still had a ton of volume, which means that this pony is definitely a lot more volume and a bit edgier than my regular boring ponytail. If needed I could start this style with a little bit of dry shampoo, but it depends on the day.

I pull my hair up and just secure it with a regular ponytail holder. While holding on to the ponytail holder I can pull out a little of the hair on the top for extra volume and it really just stays put.

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