How to Pick the Best Eye Shadow Shades For Your Eye Color: Make Your Eyes Pop!

The best makeup for your eye color

Last winter I wrote and epic post (as in, this took me months of Photoshop drawings and reading and researching), about how to apply eye shadow for your eye shape. And while applying eye shadow to complement the shape of your eye is great, you also need to have the right eye shadows for your eye color.

There’s a little trick to picking out the correct eye shadows for your eye color. Get it right, and it can really help your eyes pop!

color wheel eye color
The Color Wheel is the answer to all of your makeup shade picking issues. For eye shadow colors, you’ll first need to know where your actual eye color falls on the wheel. (Note, this is a bit more obvious with a darker version of the color wheel.)

Blue Eyes & Green Eyes: These two are pretty obvious, they fall in the blue and green sections of the color wheel.

Brown Eyes: Brown eyes have shades of red and orange.

Hazel Eyes: Hazel eyes typically have brown and green in them, and while you can wear colors meant for both eye colors, you really can bring out certain colors in your eyes depending upon your clothes and makeup.

Once you know where your eye color falls on the color wheel, there are a few ways to pick colors. To really make your eyes pop, head directly across the color wheel for a complementary color. For Brown this is Blue. You can also choose analogous colors, a few shades all in a row that will work well together. So, colors that surround your eye color, for brown think about similar neutrals.

I have recommendations for each eye color, but you’ll need to head over to the specific posts to get them!

Brown Eye colors
Hazel Eyes
Blue Eyes
Green Eyes

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