Toni&Guy Styling Products: Taking Them For a Spin!

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Toni&Guy Styling Product Review

Do you remember back when Toni&Guy hit Walgreen’s and I was completely obsessing over their Volume Whip? (If not, the post about why you need Toni&Guy Volume Plumping Whip is here.) I love that their products are super easy to buy now that they’re in Walgreens! They offered to send me a few more styling products to try out (yes, please!), all of which you can buy at your local Walgreens.

Toni&Guy Glamour Volume Plumping Whip: This is the product that I previously reviewed, though I’ve gone through 2 tubs of it now, so I was pretty happy that they sent me another one! This is an amazing product for adding volume, even when you have a ton of hair like I do that gets weighed down easily. It has an interesting lotion-mousse feel, and it isn’t at all sticky. It’s most similar to a whipped body lotion/cream in consistency.

I use a grape sized amount, I just lightly distribute it throughout my roots before I dry my hair. Then I dry and style my hair as usual. The Whip does add a lot of volume, so you actually need to be careful when using this product! It’s easy to end up with too much volume! I love that I get that volume without any teasing, it isn’t sticky at all (I can’t feel it in my dried hair) and it lasts all day.

Toni&Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum: This is a pretty basic shine serum. It just works. I recommend applying just 1 pump at a time to your dry hair, it is pretty easy to overdo it. I have a bit more leeway if I apply to wet hair, I can do 2 pumps then. I avoid my roots since the shine can make my hair look a little greasy, but I start a few inches away from my roots and apply all the way down to the tips of my hair. It’s very lightweight and once I’ve distributed it evenly you can’t even feel that it is in there.

Toni&Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist: Heat protection is a must. have. Yes. Ever since I fried my hair a few summers ago, on the one day I forgot to use it, I’ve been a fanatic about heat protection. Even if I’m letting my hair air dry, I spray on a heat protectant. Why? Who is to say that I won’t decide to do a 2nd day hair style that involves heat styling? Just in case, I always use a spray like this one on my wet hair. It’s very lightweight, you can’t feel it in your hair later, and it won’t interfere with styling at all. I’m able to spray on a little extra before heat styling if I want, something that not all heat protectants can do without making your hair look a little… stringy. This one is invisible. Perfect!

Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray: I admit that I have a hard time with Salt Sprays. I think it is because I just have so much hair, that the effects are easily weighed down. Used alone, this salt spray just seems to add a little texture to my hair, so it is easier to keep my hair in a braid or a pony tail, but it definitely isn’t enough to add a few waves. But when I combine it with the Spray Gel…. Yes! It’s perfect.

Toni&Guy Casual Forming Spray Gel: The aforementioned spray gel. It’s lightweight but has enough hold for my heavy hair, and it isn’t sticky. I do combine it with the sea salt spray if I want to let my hair air dry into a few waves, but a few sprays when blowing my hair out straight offers just enough hold to help keep frizz at bay.

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