Tarte CC Undercover Cover and Eye Primer Review

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Tarte CC Undercover Cover and Eye Primer Review

Have you seen the goodies that Tarte has been coming out with lately? I admit that I've been testing these two for a month or so, and I'm just now getting around to mentioning them. But, they're pretty amazing.

Tarte CC Undercover Cover and Eye Primer Review

Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector
"This multi-tasking, full coverage corrector expertly masks undereye discolorations and dark circles in two universal shades. The light-diffusing particles brighten undereye areas and soften the appearance of fine lines as color-correcting colored clay helps to offset the look of dark circles."

This is a faintly peach concealer, and while it comes in a pan, it does feel hydrating. I have the light-medium shade, there's also a tan-medium. The peach is just enough to color correct my undereye circles, though I think it is more of a light-medium coverage. I do still add a little concealer over the corrector, though I don't need much. This is only because I need more coverage, otherwise it blends into my skin and looks pretty natural.

The corrector stays put all day long. I've been using it quite a bit lately (I definitely have problems sleeping the further along I get in my pregnancy!) I know I'll be using this corrector after the baby arrives, basically every day!

Tarte Colored Clay CC Eye Primer Stick
"Infused with color-correcting and skin-nourishing colored clay, this smoothing eye primer absorbs excess oil on the lids, offering a neutral base for the perfect eyeshadow application. The lightweight waterproof formula works overtime to address the appearance of redness and discoloration... Simply prep the lid with the easy-glide, neutral pencil tip prior to makeup application for better wear and truer shadow payoff that can last for up to 12 hours."

This eye primer is pretty similar to the NYX Eye Shadow Base that I talk about all the time. They're both creamy and offer coverage to help cover up my visible vessels. I love that. But there are a few important differences. First, the Tarte is a bit... thinner? I'm not sure how to describe this. The consistency is a bit different (one is a stick and one comes in a pot afterall), and the Tarte definitely leaves a thinner layer on my lids. But it still covers everything up, and it is a little bit closer to my actual skin tone. And with the Tarte as a primer, my shadows do last a little bit longer.

Finally, it really is easier to be able to just draw the primer all over my lid and pat it in to blend it, rather than dipping my finger into a big pot. This is definitely a product that I'll be repurchasing!

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Night Chayde said...

I have hardly ever had a tarte product I didn't like. They have amazing products.


Chic Readings said...

I've never tried their products, looks good:)

How Does Dee DoIt said...

I tried the concealer and it was too sheer for my panda like under eye circles:s (even with concealer on top lol) but Im glad they're working out well for you! Good luck with everything:)

Mysty Nyckel said...

That looks/seems pretty great!!

elizabeth velez said...

I absolutely love Tarte's Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector! I never tried anything by Tarte before (kinda a Chanel beauty product gal) but recently fell in LOVE with new products!!

Krista said...

I just bought the amazonian clay concealer by tarte and I was looking at the cc undercover concealer instead. Do you have both? Do you prefer one to the other?

btw, love your site!

Christine Mikesell said...

I haven't tried their concealer, though I've heard it's good! :D

Jackie Hines said...

I'm extremely fair and found the concealer to be a bit dark as much as I want to love it

Jackie Hines said...

I am however addicted to the Tarte Maracuja concealer. Love!

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