Get the Look: Surfer Chic at Jeremy Scott

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Perfect Beachy Wavy Hair: Surfer Chic at Jeremy Scott

The Jeremy Scott runway really nailed the laid back, pretty and no nonsense surfer chic vibe. I think that this look is probably best for spring and summer rather than the fall, but the no-makeup look was really perfected here (as well as the perfect beachy hair), and I wanted to share since I think it works year round!

Perfect beach waves from the Jeremy Scott Runway
The Hair
The hair was casual and the perfect result of a day at the beach, it really looks like hair was windswept. “I wanted to create a look based on surf culture that was relaxed and revealed the natural texture of the hair. Each girl had a unique look which was adapted to suit her individual style – a hidden braid, or a random crimped section; just something to set them each apart,” explained stylist Eugene Souleiman, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director of Care & Styling.

Products Used:
Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner
Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz
Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray
• Crimping Iron: I found this hair crimper and a lower priced option.

Get the Look:
1. Wash and condition hair with Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner, then roughly dry the hair. While drying, put your head upside down and blasting the roots to create volume, roughly move your hands through your hair to move it around. Once dry, spray hair generously with Ocean Spritz for texture.

2. Take sections of hair and create any selection of the following:
• Random sections of crimped hair: Using a crimping iron on various lengths of the hair to provide points of interest.
• Thin braids at the back or front of the head: Using a fine tooth comb, back comb the end of the braid and spray with Finishing Spray to secure the braid without an elastic.
• Thick braids: Separate hair into 3-4 braids and secure each with an elastic. Spray each braid with Finishing Spray, apply heat with hair dryer and diffuser then unbraid for a beachy texture.

3. Rake fingers through hair (especially on the crown of the head) for a full, voluminous, textured finish.

Get the look of Jeremy Scott's Spring 2015 Runway, the perfect natural makeup

The Makeup
This is the natural, no-makeup makeup look at it’s finest! It was created by MAC make-up artist Kabuki, and he did an amazing job! “I wanted the models to look like hippie surfers with sun-kissed faces… Dewy and young beach skin, super-casual with nothing obviously cosmetic.”

Products Used:
Fix + Spray
Matchmaster Foundation
Face & Body Foundation
Studio Finish Concealer
‘Keep It Loose’ Casual Color Lip and Cheek
Mixing Medium Shine

Get the Look:
1. Skin was prepped with a light moisturizer on the sides of the face (not the center) and neck. A light mist of Fix + Spray was applied all over, and then a light layer of foundation was applied. They used Matchmaster Foundation in the center of the face, blending out to the lighter weight Face & Body Foundation on the sides of the face and on the neck. Problem areas were hidden with a little Studio Finish Concealer.

2. To create the pretty glow seen on the cheeks of the models, one of the colors from the “Spring 15 Palette” was tapped onto the cheeks and bridge of the nose. This isn’t available yet, so go with a pinky-peach cream product like the ‘Keep It Loose’ Casual Color Lip and Cheek pictured here.

3. The eyes were left bare with just a little bit of Shine Medium to add some sparkle. Lips were moisturized and otherwise left alone.

Jeremy Scott Spring 2015 Beachy Hair and Perfect No Makeup Makeup

Images c/o Wella
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