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All Day Fresh: Dealing With The Summer

Recently I shared a few tips for combating the heat and humidity of the summer. Mid-summer is usually the worst time of year in my area (hello Ann Arbor!), and it isn’t exactly comfortable being in the heat when 6 1/2 months pregnant! Luckily I have a great air conditioner, and a slew of beauty products to help me fight the heat. I got a lot of questions about specific product recommendations after the last post, so here are some of my favorites.

1. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle: This is definitely my favorite dry shampoo. It is formulated for those with oilier hair, and I swear that it soaks up twice as much oil as other dry shampoos! (My Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle review)

2. Certain Dri Clinical Strength Solid Anti-Perspirant: I’ve just started using this anti-perspirant a few weeks ago, and I’m impressed! It is the over the counter product most doctors recommend for hyperhidrosis, which is extreme, excessive sweating. It definitely has been keeping me bone dry every day.

3. NYX Eye Shadow Base: The secret behind keeping your eye makeup in place all day long is primer. The NYX shadow base is my go-to shadow primer for every day use, it is super easy to pat a little on my lids before applying shadows.

4. MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment: I have combination skin, and in the summer it can be hard to keep the shine to a minimum. One of my favorite treatments is this lotion from MAC. I typically apply a light layer directly to my skin, under foundation or BB Cream. It is very lightweight and dries clear, I can’t even tell that I’m wearing it. Just a small amount is enough to keep my t-zone shine free until dinner time! The lotion is light enough that I can even apply a little over makeup if I need a reapplication. (My MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment review)

5. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Eyes: I’m usually a very pigmented concealer girl, simply because I have a visible blood vessel under one eye that I’m trying to cover up. Unfortunately, such pigmented concealers are prone to creasing and settling into fine lines. Without prepping the area with a good eye cream, concealers can make you look much older by mid-day. This new BB Cream from Smashbox solves that issue! It hydrates and fights aging like an eye cream, but offers full coverage like my favorite concealers. Because the under eye area is well prepped, the area looks great all day long.

6. Anastasia Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat: This looks like a basic clear mascara, but it is so much more! When applied over any mascara, it waterproofs and seals your lashes. You can go swimming or cry like a baby at a wedding without running your favorite mascara! It is a great addition to your summer routine to keep mascara in place despite high temperatures.

7. Smashbox Always Sharp Kohl Liner: In addition to waterproofing my mascara, I like to wear waterproof eye liner. I’ve found that in high heat and humidity, my normal smudge-proof liners just won’t stay put. Swapping out to a waterproof liner means that my makeup still looks great at bedtime! (My Smashbox Always Sharp Kohl Liner review)

Product Sent for Review Affiliate Links


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