Why You Should #SleepNaked

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Why you should #sleepnaked to protect your skin!

One of the skincare tips that I've repeated over and over is that you should be washing your face every night. Most of us skip nights, and even if you are removing your makeup at night, chances are you aren't doing a great job of it. The results aren't pretty, the left over makeup, dirt and pollution (especially if you live in a big city) can clog your pores, cause irritation and oxidant damage. The irritation and oxidant damage are both causes of premature aging. Washing your face each night won't erase aging, but it will definitely make your skin look better and helps to prevent damage that leads to premature aging.

So Swisspers has started a campaign to call on women to Sleep Naked each and every night and adopt a beauty routine for cleaner and healthier skin. They teamed up with beauty vlogger Nikki Phillippi to create a dramatic aging video. You need to go watch it, it's amazing! You'll never sleep with makeup on again.

great tips for cleaning your face
What Should You Do? #Sleepnaked!
I admit that I only *really* do a great job of removing all of my makeup about 75% of the time. My skin definitely looks much better when I've been consistent with removal.

What you should be doing:
1. Apply makeup remover to your face and neck using a cotton round.
2. Let the remover sit for a few minutes to begin dissolving your makeup.
3. Use a 2nd cotton round to wipe off the remover.
4. Wet a 3rd cotton round and wipe off any remaining remover.
5. Wash your face with your usual facial cleanser.

Wash your face!  Every night you sleep in your makeup, you are aging yourself

Swisspers took a picture of me and aged it, now I have a lot of incentive to #sleepnaked and wear my sunscreen!

If you want to get in on the fun, Swisspers is offering a great prize to a 15 Minute Beauty reader! The prize includes a year’s supply of Swisspers products, they have great items like rounds, cotton swabs, cotton balls, cosmetic applicators and cosmetic wedges. I usually use their Premium Cotton Rounds, but they also have Exfoliating Cotton Rounds and I love the Premium Ultra Soft Facial Cleansing Cotton Pads for removing a mani-pedi. You'll also win a $50 Visa gift card.

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! It's awesome!

  2. I don't see a Rafflecopter or a way to enter.

  3. I see the Rafflecopter? Try a different browser maybe?

  4. That's something about your aged picture. I now wear sunblock all year long.


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