Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer Review

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Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer Review

I’m a big fan of highly pigmented concealers. I think they’re very versatile, you can cover up stubborn areas (I have a visible blood vessel under 1 eye that is my nemesis), or mix it with other products to cover not so stubborn areas. I’ll even mix in a little to my BB Cream to up the coverage a tad on days that I feel not so great.

Laura Mercier’s High Coverage Concealer comes in 12 different shades, and what I really like is that they take into account your undertone as well. 1 isn’t darker than 0.5, instead it has a different undertone. There are neutral, yellow and pink undertoned options. Because of this, I highly suggest that you head to your local Laura Mercier counter to check out the options in person. I have 2, a light concealer with neutral undertones. It works great for me most days, but I’ll probably also pick up 1 sometime soon, which is a similar depth but with a bit more of a rosy undertone, for days that my rosacea is a tad pinker.

Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer Review Shade 2 Swatch

This is definitely highly pigmented concealer, but what is great about it is that it is not at all cakey and I can’t seem to make it cake. It seems to be impossible. Because it is so highly pigmented, this concealer does feel a little bit thicker than others, so I usually apply a small amount to the back of my hand to warm it up a little, then pat it over the area I want to cover with a fingertip. It won’t spread really far, so you’ll want to be sure to dot it around the entire area before blending. I blend it with a BeautyBlender sponge, and that’s it. It blends in pretty much perfectly, covers everything and looks like I just have great skin. And it stays like that all day long!

While super high coverage concealers work (and look) good on my skin, they aren’t for everyone. I don’t have many fine lines/wrinkles under my eyes despite being 36, and I always apply over an eye cream to help smooth things out.

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Product Sent for Review


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