A Shower In A Wipe? Ban Total Refresh Review

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A Shower In A Wipe? Ban Total Refresh Review

I'm a big fan of dry shampoo for hair. A little spray and your second (or third, or fourth) day hair is instantly fuller, no long greasy and it is much easier to style. And those facial wipes? The ones that I fully admit to keeping in my nightstand drawer for nights that I'm too lazy to actually wash my face. I love those too.

Ban has just released their Total Refresh Wipes, and they're pretty much the equivalent, but for your body. These wipes will refresh and make you feel like you just took a shower, without leaving you sticky, pretty much anywhere. They're perfect for the mom on the go (admit it, you don't always have time for a shower when running around after your kids), I love them for after a nap, they'd be perfect after the gym and I'm going to keep them in my office at the hospital. This is exactly what I need to feel a bit cleaner after being in the ICU all night. And you can bet I'll be keeping them around the house to use in the middle of the hot, sticky summer.

These wipes are amazing. One wipe is big enough to use pretty much over your entire body. They'll refresh and leave behind a powdery feeling, rather than stickiness. They instantly cool me down, I feel fresher and it's like I took a quick shower, but without the hour or so of down time.

The only problem with these wipes? They've basically sold out everywhere! If you're looking for them, check the deodorant aisle, next to the Ban products.

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  1. I've wanted a little pack of these. I could use them after I tan and after the beach. I'm glad i found a review, i'm usually skeptical & I have really extremely sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing!


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