What's Your Eye Shape and How To Take Advantage of It!

What's Your Eye Shape?

I'm continually drawn to the same sort of articles on Pinterest. Over and over I'll pin the articles on making the most of your eye shape. What to do if your eye is a bit prominent, if it is deep set or your lid is hooded. I'm obsessed. After reading millions of those articles over and over, I did finally write one of my own (How to Apply Makeup for Your Eye Shape over on Babble.com).

But, before you get started over there, you need to know what your own eye shape is.

The truth is, a lot of people aren't quite sure. Sometimes it can be obvious. Maybe your lids are definitely hooded. Or maybe it is a bit subtle, it turns out my eyes are close set by about 2 mm. And usually your eyes have more than 1 thing going on, they're downturned, slightly close set and a tiny bit deep set. What's a girl to do?

First, I think it's best to break it down by asking yourself a few questions, then the whole thing will become a bit easier to figure out. Oh, and you should probably have a decent sized picture of yourself, looking straight ahead. Answer these questions (be honest!) and then head over to the Babble article to get some advice on dealing with your eye shape(s).

Deep Set or Protruding?
Take a look at your eyes. Do they look like they're pushed back a tad into your head, is your brow bone a bit more prominent? If so, your eyes are deep set.

Or, do you have the opposite problem? If your eyes sit out a little bit from your head, then you're prominent/protruding.

Go check out pics of these celebs and see if you recognize features similar to your own:
Prominent/Protruding: Nicole Richie and Christina Ricci
Deep Set: Katie Couric, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Stewart, Keira Knightley, Iman, Kate Middleton, Tina Fey

Close Set or Wide Set?
Now, it is time to break out your ruler! On a picture of yourself looking straight forward, measure the width of an eye. Now measure the distance between your eyes. If the second distance is less than the width of your eye, your eyes are close set. If there's more distance between your eyes, your eyes are wide set. Most people are one or the other, even if the problem is very subtle.

Close Set: Anna Paquin, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell
Wide Set: Miranda Kerr, Gemma Ward, Brandy

Upturned or Downturned?
This one is a bit confusing, most people think this means your eye actually turns and points up or down. Actually, if you look at a picture of yourself, look at the outer and inner corners of the eye. If the outer corner is higher than the inner corner, it is pointing up, so your eyes are upturned. If the outer corner is lower than the inner corner your eye is downturned.

Upturned: Angelina Jolie, Tiffany Hines
Downturned: Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes

If your upper lid seems to fold down to cover itself, your lids are hooded.

Celebs: Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, Drew Barrymore

How to Apply Makeup for Your Eye Shape

Now go and learn how to take advantage of your eye shape!
How to Apply Makeup for Your Eye Shape


Yoannita Lonas said...

this is a great post and very informative. thanks for sharing!

Mysty Nyckel said...

Wow!! So detailed! I've always tried to figure what exact makeup to do for my eyes, it's been just a lot of trial and error. But this is da bomb guide!! Thank you!! :)

Kellie The Shoe Diva said...

This got me looking closely in the mirror haha Thanks for this, very useful.

Jen Mathews said...

Great post - I shared! :)

SugarbabyK said...

I love this explanation it is helpful. Thank you. So I think I have downturned hooded deep set eyes LOL Help.

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