The GWP You Want: Barney's Love Yourself Event

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Barney's Love Yourself Event

Barney's New York has a really cool gift with purchase event going on now that I want to share! If you spend $250 on beauty (including fragrance) you'll get this huge sample set. They have pretty much any brand you could want, so if you need to stock up on skin care, want to try out the latest spring shadow palettes or are a fan of Sue Devitt (check the sale section, pretty much everything there is Sue Devitt and it's all 50% off), then you should be shopping over at Barney's!

Barney's Love Yourself Event

I think the sets can vary a little bit, this image from Barney's is a little different from what was in my bag. The bag itself is a thick woven cotton and lined in plastic, great for catching spills! There are a ton of small samples from brands like Tocca, Kiehl's and a few other skin care companies. There are small travel sizes that I was really excited about, I had 2 lipstick (Givenchy and Make), 3 mascaras, a foundation primer and even 2 fairly large products (an intensive hair treatment and a gel body wash). I thought it was a good selection over all.

You have until February 15th, so shop fast! Anything in beauty, apothecary or fragrance counts toward this gift. Yes, even men's items!

Barney's New York
Product Sent for Review


  1. I used to get so excited for these beauty events: I would wait for NM or Barneys or Saks to have one and then place my order. And then....the reality set in. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the minimum purchase requirement keeps going up and up but the samples have remained pretty much the same? I know, I know, there are some top name brands in here but I have found I cannot evaluate a product based on one or two applications. The samples are great for traveling, especially when dealing with carryon luggage and the 3-1-1 limitations. But overall I think this is a "thing" that has run it's course. What would be new and exciting is if you could curate your bag by choosing a certain selection of samples based on a certain purchase point; thereby not spending money on stuff you really don't need to get samples you really may not want. That I would jump on. Just at a quick glance at the pic above, I found at least 8 or more samples that I have received multiple times already in these beauty events. Guess I'm just getting burned out on the same ole, same ole.

  2. Deb, I do think you're right, the prices are going up. I don't typically purchase in dept stores (I tend to head to Sephora or ULTA), so I don't have have a lot of these little ones. I confess I was excited about them just for travel and trying the mascaras I haven't used before!
    And OMG, I want someone to do what you suggest, let you pick your GWP samples! I'd take more samples over a bag too, I have way too many bags! This is a decent one, so I'll probably keep it, but I usually just give them away.


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