Voce Hair Care Refresh Me Dry Shampoo Review

Product Sent for Review

Voce Hair Care Refresh Me Dry Shampoo Review

So, I talked about it last week, but my life has been totally crazy since New Year's Day. In large part because most of my work days were all clumped together (I'm not used to that, I work 8-10 days a month and I like to have them spread out a bit more), but also because I was super busy at work on those days, staying so late I barely saw my family. And smack in the middle of those days, I went out of town for 4 days (alone) for a work conference. That's something I rarely do, and traveling alone stresses me out.

So, here I am, stressed and with much less time than I'm used to having each day. You can imagine that dry shampoo has been my best friend the last few weeks.

I've been reaching for a slightly different dry shampoo. I honestly can't figure out how they get it to work, it doesn't seem to have any of that powder that is in all other products. It definitely works, but there's no mess! Just spray into your hair, and there's a bit of added volume, more texture and it soaks up oils. But, it isn't a dry shampoo that gives your hair that white cast and it doesn't feel gross if you run your hands through your hair later on. It's also great that the bottle is huge, because this is a product that you'll want to use all the time!

Voce Hair Care
Product Sent for Review


Rose Paddington said...

I love dry shapmoos! I must try this one..

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

Hi Christine, what kind of fragrance do you notice with this one?

Christine Mikesell said...

Somehow I didn't think about that, but I haven't noticed any!

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