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I'm still doing holiday stuff, so I thought I'd share my posts over on Babble (hint, the last 2 are super new so you may have missed them!)

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The Best Red Lipsticks

Life Changing Beauty Tips

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Color Correction 101: How To Use That Green Concealer

Hyperpigmentation 101: What Are Those Spots and How To Treat Them

The 7 Day Manicure: A Chip Free At Home Manicure

15 Beauty Gadgets That Actually Work

21 Amazing Face Masks Loved By Beauty Bloggers

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Deb said...

Hi Christine. Took a look at your gadget post on Babble and saw some interesting stuff. I'm kind of a gadget girl too although I don't own too many. One I can highly recommend is the Dr Dennis Gross facial steamer. It's just like having one from a spa in your home because the steam comes out of a wand that you can direct where you want it. Another gadget that I accidentally discovered, and bought, is a little hand held device called Touch Face. It's for applying makeup and skin care. I won't bore you with all of the details in this post on how it works, you can Goggle it. I love it! For applying makeup, it hands down beats everything else I've ever used. Fingers, brushes, sponges, whatever. I love it so much I bought a smaller one for keeping in my travel bag. It's Korean made and the only place I could find to purchase it from was Cosedefillo out of the UK. Their shipping was lighting fast. When you get some spare time (ha, ha) look it up. Bet you will find it intriguing. And I can unconditionally verify it works as advertised.

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