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Don't miss my posts over on Babble this week! I fully admit that I've found it hard to balance blogging, my "real" job and my best job, which is with my family. Adding in Babble was a bit too much, so I'm cutting back to 2 posts per week over there. Here's what I've written this week!

Drugstore Beauty Picks From Beauty Bloggers: I asked some of my blogging friends for their fave picks from the drugstore aisles. I made a shopping list after writing this!

The New Bun for Fall: The Cinnabun! This is a great alternative to the sock bun. You know, for the days that you don't want everyone to know you have a sock in your hair!

17 Makeup Steps That Really Make A Difference: In the interest of saving time, I know that there are a lot of little makeup tricks that I cut out of my routine. But, adding them back in can sometimes be a good idea!

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Preeti Kaur said...

All the tips are very helpful :) Thanks for sharing <3

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